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Dr. Pimple Popper posted her version of “fireworks” for 4th of July. This will either be unsettling to you or ultra satisfying…


A Woman Conquers the 72-Ounce Steak Challenge


The FDA released 5 more Hand Sanitizers to it’s toxic list

Here are the new brands they say to avoid . . .



  1. Grupo Insoma’s Hand Sanitizer Gel.


  1. Transliquid Technologies’ Mystic Shield Protection.


  1. Bersih Hand Sanitizer Gel.  It’s made by a company called “Soluciones Cosmeticas.”


  1. Antiseptic Alcohol 70% Topical Solution, made by the same company.


  1. Britz Hand Sanitizer, made by a company called Tropicosmeticos.



If enough methanol gets into your skin, it can cause all kinds of issues.  Like nausea, headaches, blurry vision, seizures, and blindness.  It can even kill you. 


Who Wears Short Shorts? Elon Musk wants you to wear Tesla short shorts…


Brides are now getting facemasks to match their dress


The Man Who Takes care of Lord Stanley’s Cup

Philip Pritchard