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Footage of Benedict Cumberbatch Visiting a Bookstore Dressed as Dr. Strange Goes Viral


Today is National Chicken Wing Day


  • Buffalo wings originated in Buffalo, New York, where they are not called Buffalo wings, but just “wings” or “chicken wings.”
  • Chicken wings became a US nationwide phenomenon after the Buffalo Bills in the NFL appeared four consecutive years in the Super Bowl in the early 1990s.
  • Thanksgiving is actually the most popular day to eat chicken wings – the Super Bowl comes in second.
  • According to an NCC survey, 54-percent of wing eaters prefer traditional, bone-in wings while 46-percent chose their boneless cousin. Boneless wings are typically white, boneless chicken breasts cut into strips, breaded or floured and tossed with Buffalo sauce.
  • According to the National Chicken Council’s (NCC) 2016 Wing Report, 1.3-billion chicken wings are typically consumed on Super Bowl weekend, which equals more than 100-million pounds of chicken wings.
  • 3-billion chicken wings is enough for every man, woman and child in the United States to have four wings each
  • If those 1.3-million chicken wings eaten on Super Bowl weekend were laid end to end, they would reach a quarter of the way to the moon or circle the Earth over two times.
  • This year, eating wings during the Super Bowl was up 3%, or 37.5-million wings, from last year’s big game.
  • 23% of Super Bowl viewers eat chicken wings, which makes them the second most popular food item on Super Bowl Sunday after dips and spreads.
  • Of those who eat chicken wings:
  • 46-percent prefer the drumette
  • 25-percent the flat
  • 10-percent prefer their wings whole
  • 19-percent say they don’t have a preference, they like them all.
  • If one of the three Power Ball winners spent his/her entire lump sum on chicken wings, they could buy about 123-million pounds of wings, or only 76% of the 1.3-billion wings eaten Super Bowl weekend.
  • Wanna make your own wings at home? You can find traditional and unique chicken wing recipes on the National Chicken Council website at


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