The Courtney Show


Courtney Landrum and some friends (Brando and Chris Convy) are here to have some fun, and make your drive to work go by faster. You’ll hear The Courtney Show between 6am and 10am every weekday morning on 106.5 The Arch.



Courtney Landrum is excited to be LIVE and interact with The Arch listeners! St. Louis loves Courtney and Courtney loves St. Louis! As a youngster, Courtney knew she loved music. She began her radio career as a hard-working intern, and then moved to Producer of the Steve & DC Show in the early ‘90s, and then was given an opportunity to be on-air and has been on-air ever since! Her career has allowed her to interview countless music artists, attend award shows, be a spokesperson for advertisers, emcee events and participate in charity events as much as possible.

Courtney is a proud native of Illinois and is smart, energetic, dedicated and fun. She enjoys putting a spin on things and bringing out the best of any situation. Some of her enjoyments in life that make her happy: her boyfriend, concerts, St. Louis Cardinals baseball games, charity, golf, and beer.


As a teenager, Brando took being voted “class clown” of Red Bud High School as proof he should have a career in entertainment. Ignoring the pleas of his friends, his family, and especially his high school guidance counselor, he set out on a path that led him all the way to 106.5 The Arch.

A father of four, Brando loves sharing his stories of struggle and success as he tries to be a good dad, a good husband and a good son.

In what little spare time he has, Brando enjoys coaching baseball, eating unhealthy foods, drinking “gross beers” (as Courtney calls them) and supporting charities like MERS Goodwill and The Alzheimer’s Association.



Chris Convy is a native St. Louisan, who found himself working as a TV producer, overseeing the production of an episode of MTV’s unplugged in 2009. Since then, Chris has produced dozens of live TV shows and created Comedy Central’s Not Safe with Nikki Glaser in 2015.

Chris decided to come back to St. Louis to work with Courtney, and to get closer to family. He loves pizza sliced into squares, and medium-rare beef piled high on a sesame seed bun.



The Courtney Show Daily Audio 5/1/20