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Jonah Happy

Give Jonah a Happy Ending.

Every Friday, Stacey and Jonah ask for stories of positivity. Kevin called and told a great story about his most recent visit to Branson. [soundcloud...

Throwback Live Game 138

" Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, There's a heart (there's a heart), a hand to hold onto." What theme song is that? Jonah knew...
Stacey I'm Sure Face

Stacey won’t be receiving a gift from Jonah this year, and here’s why…

Jonah's going "no gifts" this year...except for himself. December 5th. Jonah tells Stacey he's not doing gifts this year, but Stacey already has his! What...

Throwback Live Game 137

Get ready to scream, because Stacey and Jonah BOTH suck at this game today. Stacey couldn't recall the name of the 1st movie, and then...
Christmas tree halloween

Jonah reveals that he binge watches Christmas movies and really wants you to know that he can spell K-N-I-G-H-T.

Jonah grew up in a Jewish household, and never watched Christmas movies...until now. He is obsessed, and is looking for suggestions. You can hear the...

Throwback Live Game 136

Stacey and Jonah try to be the 1st to identify 3 throwback clips. "I love it when a plan comes together" stumped both of them,...
An unhappy blonde woman wearing headphones and working in a call center is weeping, drying her eyes with a tissue.

John Williams makes us cry

Is it possible to listen to these vignettes without crying? Neither Stacey nor Jonah made it out with a dry eye. The one about E.T....

Throwback Live Game 136

What's this from: Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! That's one of the clips in today's game. Stacey and Jonah try to be the first to correctly identify...
Jonah Family

Hoomus Gate.

Jonah has a weird accent, and his sister laughs so hard, I can't even understand what she's saying.