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Baby squirrels

Jonah worries about his squirrel babies. Will he make a nut joke? Of course he will.

Jonah is worried about his little squirrel babies, and is reassured by Dan Zarlinga, of the Missouri Department of Conservation, that his wild animals will...

Throwback Live Game 125

Jonah wins after he correctly identifies the theme song to a tv show NAMED AFTER HIM. How many of these throwback clips can you identify?...

Aliens rode in to STL on a meteor last night, obviously.

Stacey saw a super bright flash and heard a giant BOOM last night. Jonah thinks it was aliens, but Stacey (and science, and the news,...

Throwback Live game 124

Stacey and Jonah go at it and try to be the 1st to correctly identify 3 throwback clips. Whoever wins gets to give out Lumineers...

Throwback Live Game 123

Stacey and Jonah try to CRUSH each other and be the 1st to identify 3 throwback clips. The winner is a hero, and the loser...
Squirel on house

Jonah has started a turf war in his neighborhood, and Stacey’s boyfriend eats the offenders.

Jonah thought he was being a nice person by saving two tiny baby squirrels who were blown out of their nest. Instead, he's chosen the...
Stacey and bag of ice cream

Why Stacey and Jonah put bags of cream outside on a bench.

It's cold. Too cold. Stacey and Jonah try to find the silver lining in 21 degree temperatures and attempt to make ice cream in a...

Throwback Live Game 122

Do you know what kudos are? Stacey thought they were like accolades, but Jonah knew that they were granola bars. How many of these throwback...
Mom giving Money

Why Jonah’s mom thinks he should do coke.

Jonah isn't feeling well, so he calls him mom. Is he really sick, or is he just being a big baby with the man flu?...