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Cassiday’s Kick-Ass Chick of the Week


I’m Cassiday from Spencer’s Neighborhood honoring local kick ass chicks! What’s a kick ass chick? I’m on the hunt for women who are breaking barriers, breaking the mold, or maybe just breaking their back carrying others through life! Whether it’s the selfless mom who sacrifices everything for her kids, the woman making a name for herself in a traditionally male industry, or the neighbor you see doing something kind every day and asking for nothing in exchange, I want to know about her!

Spencer’s Neighborhood wants to salute and celebrate kick ass chicks in the St. Louis Metro, and we need YOUR help to find them.

Know a kick ass chick? Nominate her now:


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#CassidaysKickAssChick Of The Week – Katie Gaeta

The Kick As Chick of the Week is Katie Gaeta. Katie made National News in July when she gave birth to her third child in the parking lot of the Sunset Hills Old Navy. Her story is amazing, and her baby Emma Jupiter has quite a story to tell!      

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Cassiday’s Kick Ass Chick Of The Week: Tamara from Clementine’s

The Kick Ass Chick of the Week is Tamara Keefe of Clementine’s Creamery. Tamara inspired us when she agreed to join us on a hot St. Louis day and give out her amazing ice cream to people working in the heat. Her ice cream is tasty and her story is inspiring. She left a career …

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Cassiday’s Kick Ass Chick Of The Week: Nichole Albers

Cassiday’s Kick Ass Chick of the Week is Nichole Albers. Nichole is a local teacher who is about to move to China for a year to teach English to schoolkids. She plans to come back to St. Louis and continue to educate and help local kids after her year abroad. Click here to nominate your …

Elle Potter: Yoga Buzz

Our Kick Ass Chick of the week is Elle Potter, the founder of Yoga Buzz. She is a local yoga instructor who is all about empowering people to try yoga, no matter what level they are at. She hosts yoga events in amazing spaces all over the metro area, and is using the funds from …

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Jamie Vann: World’s Fair Park

Jamie Vann is a mom on a mission, and that’s why she is Cassiday’s Kick Ass Chick of the Week. She has a goal to fund and open an all-inclusive theme park in St. Louis. It would be called the World’s Fair Park, and would be a completely accessible park for families of all ages, …


Lilley Halloran: The Wyoming Street News

The Kick Ass Chick of the week is Lilley Halloran. She started her newspaper, The Wyoming Street News when she was only 8 years old. Now she is 12 and runs a newsroom of 7 other teenage friends who are all South City Residents. Cassiday knew she had to invite her in when she heard …

Katie Griffith Pro Baseball

Katie Griffith: Female Baseball Pitcher

Today’s Kick Ass Chick is Katie Griffith, a female who is trying to pave her way in a male dominated field. She moved to St. Louis for a job with the Gateway Grizzlies and has been training with a former Atlanta Braves pitching coach for awhile. We were honored to welcome Katie into the Neighborhood, and …

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Rebecca Schranz: Earthbound Beer

Rebecca Schranz, the co-owner, brewer, and VP of Business Development at Earthbound Beer, stopped by to talk about what makes her a kick ass chick!   If you’d like to nominate a kick ass chick like Rebecca, click here!