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Cassiday’s Kick-Ass Chick of the Week


I’m Cassiday from Spencer’s Neighborhood honoring local kick ass chicks! What’s a kick ass chick? I’m on the hunt for women who are breaking barriers, breaking the mold, or maybe just breaking their back carrying others through life! Whether it’s the selfless mom who sacrifices everything for her kids, the woman making a name for herself in a traditionally male industry, or the neighbor you see doing something kind every day and asking for nothing in exchange, I want to know about her!

Spencer’s Neighborhood wants to salute and celebrate kick ass chicks in the St. Louis Metro, and we need YOUR help to find them.

Know a kick ass chick? Nominate her now:


kick ass kennedy

[LISTEN] Cassiday’s Kick Ass Chick of the Week – Kennedy Holmes

Kennedy Holmes is a local 13 year old who has graced the MUNY stage and has sung the National Anthem at Busch Stadium. She caught the attention of the world when she auditioned on The Voice and turned all 4 chairs. We think she will go far in the competition and we will be rooting …

kick ass natan

Cassiday’s Kick Ass Chick of the Week – Natan Shpringman

Natan Shpringman a senior at Parkway West High earned a perfect score on the ACT test. She is undecided where she will attend school, but is looking at Dartmouth College, Harvey Mudd College, MIT, and Washington University. She wants to study biomedical engineering and hopes to pursue neurosurgery.

kick ass linda

[LISTEN] Cassiday’s Kick Ass Chick of the Week – Linda Smith

Linda Smith, Esq is one of the top five female litigators in the United States. For forty years she’s been striking fear into the heart of her opposing counsel and now, with the release of her new book, Smashing Glass & Kicking Ass: Lessons from the Meanest Woman Alive, she is on a crusade to …

kick ass jenna

Cassiday’s Kick Ass Chick of the Week – Jenna DeYoung

Lt. Jenna DeYoung was the first female police officer EVER in the Granite City Police Department, which is an incredible accomplishment. We also love the impact she is making upon young women in the Granite City area by volunteering as a coach for Girls on the Run. Jenna is definitely a kick ass chick! Click …

kick ass danielle

Cassiday’s Kick Ass Chick of the Week –

Danielle Jung has only been working at Schlafly Brewing for a little over a year, but she has been kicking ass there. One of her supervisors nominated her because she sells more beer than any sales person in the company in her role as territory manager. She is a kick ass chick in a typically …

Kick Ass Jennifer

Cassiday’s Kick Ass Chick of the Week – Jennifer Labit

Jenn Labit is the CEO and Founder of Cotton Babies, which was developed out of a tiny $100 investment. In 2005, Jenn and her husband, Jimmy, created the bumGenius One-Size Reusable Diaper, a product now distributed on five continents. Jenn now holds approximately 30 patents on her product designs internationally. In 2012, Cotton Babies started …

kick ass miss b

[LISTEN] Cassiday’s Kick Ass Chick of the Week – Miss B

Michelle Barthelemy is a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher at Freeburg High School who is not only dedicated to teaching curriculum inside of the classroom, but is dedicated to teaching her students about being charitable outside of the school. She gets kids involved with helping the community and teaching them how life changing it can …

Kick Ass Bloggers

Cassiday’s Kick Ass Chicks of the Week! – STL Mom Bloggers

Rebecca Coste and Kate Alstadt are two moms who felt there was a need for resources for moms in St. Louis and decided to do something about it. They started The St. Louis Mom’s Blog and for that reason, they’re the Kick Ass Chicks of the Week! Click here to nominate your own Kick Ass …

Sami Friedman

Cassiday’s Kick Ass Chick of the Week – Sami Freidman

Sami Freidman is a local St. Louis woman heading to Scottland to get her Masters in Autism! Click here to nominate your own Kick Ass Chick!

kick ass leah w

Cassiday’s Kick Ass Chick of the Week – Leah Warshawski

Leah Warshawski grew up in St. Louis and is a Clayton High School graduate who was voted “most likely to save the world”. This superlative may be coming true, as her documentary film about her Holocaust Survivor Grandmother is changing people’s lives in a big way. The film Big Sonia has a 93% Critics Score …