The Courtney Show

Courtney Landrum and some friends (Brando and Chris Convy) are here to have some fun, and make your drive to work go by faster. You can hear The Courtney Show LIVE between 6am and 10am every weekday morning on 106.5 The Arch in St. Louis, MO.

Latest Episodes

TheLeft Overs (6.10.21)

This one starts slow…mostly because we didn’t even know Bradno turned on the mic and started things off…but it finishes very strong at the end. Feel quite free to just…

Leftovies 6/9/21

Courtney tells a story about how she humiliated some nerd on the dance floor and nobody ever heard from him again….and more….

The Leftovers Show (6/8/21)

side note: Chris didn’t realize we started. Courtney might have also not known…and we apologize for the horrible singing once again.

Leftovers (6-7-21)

I changed the name of this segment to bum Brando out. He loves consistency. Sweet Sweet Marty surprises us on this very special edition of whatever this part of the…