Throwback Live Game 143

It's the 1st game of 2020, and Stacey and Jonah go head to head vying for victory. The 1st to correctly identify 3 throwback clips...
An unhappy blonde woman wearing headphones and working in a call center is weeping, drying her eyes with a tissue.

John Williams makes us cry

Is it possible to listen to these vignettes without crying? Neither Stacey nor Jonah made it out with a dry eye. The one about E.T....
No Thanksgiving photo

The “No Thanks”giving Bracket continues…

What's the WORST Thanksgiving food? Stacey and Jonah are in the middle of their "No Thanks"giving Bracket. Whichever food is deemed the worst, is exactly...
Close-up of a senior woman with a horrified look on her face.

Meth. We’re on it!

South Dakota's new anti meth campaign slogan is getting a lot of attention. Stacey and Jonah think it's hilarious, but Mike calls to tell them...

10,000 Cards for Kids

This holiday season 106.5 The Arch is asking YOU to create 10,000 cards for kids! Have your kids’ class, Sunday school, or scout group make cards...

Throwback Live Game 105


The cutest little scouts bring popcorn to Stacey!


Throwback Live Game 94

Jonahs Face

Jonah thinks his house is haunted because he’s stupid.


What REALLY happened at Area 51 on September 20th? Stacey and Jonah find out!