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Wednesday mornings at 8, Spencer’s Neighborhood hears from a couple after their first date! Was it great or is it One and Done? Fill out the form below if you want to share YOUR dating story!

One And Done Dating – Dr. Pimple Popper

September 21, 2018

Dan and Joanna met through a mutual friend but Joanna did something a little TOO weird for Dan…

One And Done Dating – The Gas Sniffer

September 20, 2018

Jeremy and Sarah went on a great first date but Sarah couldn’t get over what Jeremy kept SMELLING on their first date…

One And Done Dating – Axe Her About Phoenix

September 14, 2018

Chris had a crush on his bartender, Laura and finally got a date! It was something he smelled that made him running for the hills…

One And Done Dating – He’s In ‘Babe’ Denial

September 13, 2018

Dave and Amelia met on a dating app, went for dinner and drinks with a great conversation that was filled with one word Amelia HATED!

[LISTEN] One And Done Dating – Kicked Out of The Scouts

September 10, 2018

Landon and Tara went out on a great first date but Landon is curious as to why Tara ‘ghosted’ him…

One & Done Dating – Was She Caught Stealing?

September 7, 2018

Charles and Samantha went on a great first date but Charles noticed something on the dress Samantha wore that left him more than suspicious…

One And Done Dating – Should Have Went To Hobby Lobby

August 31, 2018

Rachel and Stacey went on a date to a brewery but it was what Stacey saw Rachel doing at a bar made her think things were weird…

One And Done Dating – BMX Star

August 24, 2018

Chas learned that doing this and leaving Amanda alone wasn’t the best idea…

One And Done Dating – Strange Place For A Tattoo

August 23, 2018

Terry and Gracie met at a party and went on a first date mini golfing but it was something ON Terry that Gracie was shocked to see!

One And Done Dating – Welcome To The 2010’s

August 20, 2018

Anna and Brady went out on a great first date in St. Charles but Anna couldn’t get over what Brady had in his pocket…