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Wednesday mornings at 8, Spencer’s Neighborhood hears from a couple after their first date! Was it great or is it One and Done? Fill out the form below if you want to share YOUR dating story!

One and Done Dating – Wait For The Pass Code

November 16, 2018

Will and Lisa went out on a dinner date but Lisa can’t forget what Will did when she was in the bathroom that she wasn’t happy with..

One And Done Dating – Due Date

November 9, 2018

Michael and Dee went on a great first date at top golf but Michael nonchalantly said one thing that no man should EVER say to a woman and it left him in hot water…

One And Done Dating – Not Willing To Cross The River

November 8, 2018

Carlos and Rose met on Tinder, went on a great dinner date full of drinks but Carlos took issue with where Rose lived…

One And Done Dating – Crushing On The Weatherman

November 2, 2018

Dianna and Chris went on a great first date but there was one local celeb that Dianna wouldn’t stop talking about!

One And Done Dating – Chivalry May Be Dead

October 26, 2018

Dre and Francesca went on a date after meeting at a grocery store… According to Francesca things went down quickly…

One And Done Dating – Just Keep Your Shoes On

October 23, 2018

Max and Patty went on a great first date but Max was disgusted with what Patty did in the car AFTER the date…

One And Done Dating – Fake-A-Loo

October 23, 2018

Eevie couldn’t get over the one thing Chuck was doing during their first date…

One And Done Dating – Go To The Doctor

October 11, 2018

Craig and Becca went out on a first date but the way Craig was acting raised a few red flags for Becca…

One & Done Dating – Don’t Park There

October 4, 2018

Sam and Marcella went on a great first date but Sam had a BIG issue about where Marcella parked her car…

[LISTEN] One And Done Dating – A Babysitting Emergency

September 28, 2018

Alex and Ashley went out for drinks but it was something that happened during the drinks that made Alex want to end the date as quick as possible!