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April is a self-described “simple girl” who loves radio. Most people would say she’s happy and outgoing, but she pays most of them to say that. After 14 years in radio, she’s has worked at stations of all shapes and sizes. But it is her dream-come-true to work in St. Louis because she LOVES this city! A little bit adventurous, she’s done some skydiving, bungee-jumped, and ridden with a motorcycle stunt man. She’s a Cardinals fan and a live music junkie. In her spare time she loves to be with her loved ones and friends and run the track with her four legged child. She may be small, but she can eat an entire pizza all by herself. Summer, roller coasters, and hanging by the lake are some of her favorite things. She can also say her ABC’s backwards. Catch her weekdays on her favorite station (and yours!) 106-5 The Arch.

Happy Summer Freebies and Make Music Day!

First day of summer has me smiling…especially since there are some fun FREEBIES available! Get a free deep fried Twinkie at participating Long John Silver’s today. (Did I?  Oh yes I did) Get a free small frozen drink at participating McDonald’s!  If you know of any others, please let me know and I will add it to the list! Today ... Read More »

Father’s Day and Game of Thrones Night

Totally unlike me, but I actually accomplished quite a bit over the weekend!   I am working on turning an old cabinet and unused corner into a coffee bar.   I have ALWAYS wanted a designated space just for coffee, but small living sometimes does not allow for extra space.    Will post pics when I am finished, I am excited ... Read More »

Pig and Swig and more for the weekend…

Muse was AMAZING! First time also seeing 30 Seconds to Mars and I have to say they put on a GREAT show as well. I had an awesome time. Here are some other things I thought I would share for today: City Hall will host a gun lock giveaway to help promote gun safety. The June 21 event runs from 10 ... Read More »

Muse and more.

I will be taking in my first (unofficial) summer show of 2017 tonight at Hollywood Casino Amphitheater for Muse and 30 Seconds to Mars!    This will be my first time seeing Muse, and well Jared Leto.   Enough said. Blood donations are always especially crucial during the summer months.    The Cardinals and the Red Cross team up every year for a ... Read More »

Ice Cream and Yoga

I find it funny that today is both National Running Day and National Chocolate Ice Cream Day.   I will let you guess which one I will be celebrating. Now yoga I am totally down for.   On my Summer 2017 bucket list is to take in one of the free yoga classes downtown.    There is one happening this evening on the ... Read More »

Summer lunch program, random pianos, and more…

I can describe my weekend in two words:   yard work.    Okay maybe two more:  dog baths.   How was yours?  🙂 Summer lunch program! Operation Food Search is launching an expanded summer program this week.  This is cool!   Have you seen any random pianos popping up? Yay for the 90’s!   This cereal will be making a comeback. The Blue Angels are ... Read More »

Unofficial Summer and Spray Syrup

LAST DAY OF MAY!!   You know how once we get past Memorial Weekend, summer just flies by?   I am making a Summer in St. Louis Bucket list.   Please pass on any suggestions you may have.   Happy Unofficial Summer! Need help with summer lunches for the kids?    SLCL and Operation Food Search are teaming up to provide lunches to children this ... Read More »

Thank you.

Memorial Day weekend has me feeling extra thankful.    I took in the beautiful reading of the names at Jefferson Barracks, and I am constantly amazed by all of the wonderful people in St. Louis.   Took a little drive and had a wonderful time horseback riding at Pere Marquette and even took the Winfield Ferry for the first time! Just a ... Read More »

Picks for the weekend and more…

SO much to do this holiday weekend in St. Louis!   I am excited to get to go horseback riding tomorrow for the first time in ages! Here are just a few of my picks for things to do this weekend: -Check out a short film!   Cinema at Citygarden starts tonight with screenings from 5 to 10 pm on Citygarden’s video ... Read More »

I may be slightly obsessed

I apologize that it has been a few days since I have posted, but Twin Peaks is back. To say I am slightly obsessed would be an understatement.   I watched the series when it originally aired.    Then again.   And again.   Of course the movie.   And then the books.   Which I re-read again to get ... Read More »