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Shepard Smith Opens Up About His Personal Life

Shepard Smith is opening up about his off-camera life. The chief breaking news anchor at Fox News Network was a featured speaker at an April 21 conference at his alma mater, the University of Mississippi, in which he opened up about his sexuality and revealed that he is currently in a relationship. “I don’t think about it. It’s not a thing,” said …

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#SNlisten – Why Were They Crying

Spencer and Cassiday witnessed a group of people crying in the restaurant during Cassidays birthday dinner but couldn’t figure out why…      

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#GoodOnYa 2/24

Each Friday, we find 3 feel good stories from the past week! Here are this weeks picks for Good On Ya! Spencer’s Pick: Mechanic in Wild Rose lends his keys so stranded driver can make funeral. Cassiday’s Pick: Local restaurant filling bellies while raising funds for local charities. Brando’s Pick: Vladimir Tarasenko wins Blues trip for young fan.    

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#SNlisten – When Your Town Becomes A Song

Spencer, Cassiday and Brando all had fun making up songs about the towns they live in. Who do you think was the best? What would your towns song sound like?

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#SNlisten – Kids Injuring Parents

Brando got an injury from his baby son August which prompted Spencer to tell the story of how he hurt his mother on accident. Nobody’s story compared to Gage from Festus and what he did to his father…    

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Iced In? Try This Netflix Trick

With the cold icy weather headed our way, most of us will be iced in…use these secret Netflix tips to beat the weather!        

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