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Robert Smith reveals title of long-awaited new Cure album

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Rick Kern/WireImage

We may still be waiting for new music from The Cure, but at least we now have an album title.

Speaking with NME, frontman Robert Smith reveals that the long-awaited follow-up to 2008’s 4:13 Dream will be called Songs of the Lost World.

“It’s got artwork, it’s got a running order, it’s almost done!” Smith says of the record. “They’re so slow because of vinyl, but it might come in September. I’d rather it just came out. I can’t stand the anticipation.”

That feeling is probably mutual with Cure fans, since Smith has been teasing the arrival of a new record since 2019.

Songs of the Lost World is actually one of two Cure records in the works, one of which Smith describes as “the doomiest thing that we’ve ever done,” while the other is more “upbeat.”

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