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Madonna floats the idea of “re-enacting” her kiss with Britney Spears on a joint stadium tour

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Madonna has always been a big supporter of Britney Spears, and now she’s floated the idea of the two actually touring together,  — despite the fact that Britney has said she’s not interested in performing.

During an Instagram Live session on Tuesday, Madonna is told by someone off camera that fans are asking if she’ll ever do a world tour again.  “Hell yeah! Got to! Stadium, baby!” she responds.

“Me and Britney, what about that?” she continues. “Yeah, I’m not sure she’d be into it, but it’d be really cool. We could re-enact, like, the original kiss.”

Madonna was referring to the controversial smooch she planted on Britney during the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards while performing Madonna’s song “Hollywood.” Madonna also kissed Christina Aguilera during that performance, but nobody seems to remember that part. 

Two months after that, Madonna and Britney released their collaboration “Me Against the Music.” In 2008, Britney joined Madonna onstage for “Human Nature” during the Queen of Pop’s Sticky & Sweet tour.

In November, a source told Page Six that Madonna had been in contact with Britney “multiple times” as Britney fought to end her conservatorship. 

In other Britney news, she’s shared an Instagram post in which she claims that during her conservatorship, she was forced to “wear two layers of tights every night” while performing in Las Vegas, and was “never allowed to go to the spa,” or even drink coffee or tea.

“My friends from home would show up, going to the spas, drinking champagne, no lie, and I was the loser working and entertaining them at night,” she adds. “Doesn’t sound like a good deal to me either…I’m here to remind them all that being treated like an equal individual doesn’t require much … just RESPECT.”

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