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In YouTube Q&A, Madonna talks sex, music, Britney, regrets and more sex

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Madonna‘s new dance remix compilation is called Finally Enough Love, so she’s made a video to accompany it titled “Finally Enough Talk.” As there are 50 songs on the album, the video features her answering 50 questions, asked by a female robot voice off camera.

Among the revelations Madonna makes in the video: She’s “gagging to work with Britney [Spears] again,” she regrets “getting married…both times,” the achievement she’s most proud of is her “six amazing children,” and her favorite video she’s ever made is “Take a Bow.” If she wasn’t making music, she says, she’d be “a schoolteacher.”

As the camera follows Madonna around her house, into a golf cart for a ride to her horse barn and then back, she continues answering questions, revealing that her favorite song to perform live is “Like a Prayer,” that her musical inspirations growing up were David Bowie and Blondie‘s Debbie Harry, and that the hardest part of making her upcoming biopic is “cramming my entire life into a feature-length film.”

Asked why she decided to do a compilation of her past dance remixes, Madonna explains, “Because the world needs to dance! We’ve been through enough, haven’t we?”

When asked if she plans to go on tour next year in support of Finally Enough Love and do a “greatest hits kind of concert,” she says coyly, “Do you want me to go on tour?” Hmm.

And of course, because this is Madonna we’re talking about, her answer to many of the questions — including “What is your greatest guilty pleasure?”; “What’s your zodiac sign?”; “What’s your current favorite obsession?”; “What keeps you going?”; “What’s the secret to your success”; and “What is your life mantra?” — is “sex.”

(Video contains some unedited vulgarities)


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