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As ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ hits digital, Kenny Loggins says “Danger Zone” is “streaming like mad”

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Credit: Chris Jensen

Top Gun: Maverick arrives on digital streaming apps Tuesday. The film’s soundtrack features the new hits by Lady Gaga and OneRepublic, as well as the  original 1986 version of the Kenny Loggins smash “Danger Zone,” which plays during the opening sequence of both Maverick and the original Top Gun. And Loggins says he can tell that Maverick has introduced a whole new generation to his music.

“It’s the same process that happened 30 years ago with ‘Danger Zone,'” Kenny says, referring to the fact that people who saw Top Gun in 1986 discovered him and his music through that movie.

He adds, “I think [as far as] hearing from the younger audience…’Danger Zone’ has been streaming like mad now since the movie came out. I’m grateful that Tom [Cruise] used it, and I’m grateful that people still dig the song.”

Loggins actually recorded a new version of “Danger Zone” so it would sound as though it was recorded today and not 30 years ago, but Cruise rejected it in favor of the original.

“You can tell [that the original ‘Danger Zone’ is] a little lower fi than the rest of the movie if you really listen to it. But it still pops,” Kenny tells ABC Audio. “It’s still pretty good and it definitely works in that opening scene.” 

Kenny says by using the old version of the song, Cruise’s “intention was to take everybody who was there 30 years ago…back in time to that moment, so that this becomes seamless to the original Top Gun.”

The digital version of Top Gun: Maverick comes with 110 minutes of bonus content.

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