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Father’s Day and Game of Thrones Night

Totally unlike me, but I actually accomplished quite a bit over the weekend!   I am working on turning an old cabinet and unused corner into a coffee bar.   I have ALWAYS wanted a designated space just for coffee, but small living sometimes does not allow for extra space.    Will post pics when I am finished, I am excited about it!

Had a chance to sneak away to see the family for Father’s Day!    So great to see Dad and hang out with my nephews and sister in law.   I hope you had an amazing and relaxing Father’s weekend!

Happy Father’s Day Daddy!


Something else that I have been excited about is the coming eclipse in August!   If you plan on viewing, you may want to look into some viewing glasses.    Find out where you can buy yours and more!  

St. Louis is among the best cities for college grads!

Did you see the Cardinals are hosting a Game of Thrones theme night?




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