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Celebrate Mom!

My mom’s birthday falls on Saturday this year….and many times it even fell Mother’s Day. I used to tell her she got slighted on that one, so I always tried to make sure that she got both the birthday gifts and the Mom’s day flowers she deserved.

And deserve them she did.

My mom spoke both English and Spanish fluently, a trait that is not replicated in her daughter. I struggle through with my Tex-Mex but I can order a beer or ask where the bathroom is.  She worked endlessly to raise her children as a single mom. I myself, have never become a mother except to a few rowdy, vocal rescue pups.  She tolerated my rebellious, angry teenager stage and loved me anyway.    She was my biggest cheerleader, my counselor, and the person that I went to with everything.  When I lost her in 2012, I didn’t know how I would go on with my life.   Somehow, someway, she even found the means to transfer some of that unending strength to me and I walked with timid steps.  Almost five years later,  I can’t tell you that it is any easier.   You just learn how to live with it, although your life is never the same.

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, we will do something new this year!    My mom loved the Cardinals, especially the Cards/Cubs rivalry.   So this weekend I will go to my VERY FIRST cards cubs game.    She would love that.

It is in the things that she left behind that I find comfort. The notes, the flowers, her handwriting, things that were tucked away in a book, or like this, written on a wall in the basement.


I would like to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful, amazing, mothers. As a daughter, I ask that you leave something behind, something for her to find when missing you is almost too much to bear.

Celebrate mom this weekend! Happy Mother’s Day.

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