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Amazing Race and a New Name

The weather in St. Louis looks GORGEOUS over the next few days!    I am excited to head a bit out of the city to Randolph County in the 618 to participate in their “Amazing Race around Randolph County” on Saturday.   Luckily, this race does not involve any running on my part, but several stops and “tasks”.   It benefits the county’s Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities class.

More info on the race:

The name change at the airport is now official. It’s now St. Louis Lambert International Airport according to their Twitter page.   I am sure it will take me a while to get used to flipping that around, I am still having problems writing “2017” and I still refer occasionally to HCA as “Riverport”.

If you are a fan of children’s book “Good Night St. Louis”, they have introduced a coloring book!

I hope you have a wonderful day!  Saturday looks to be a great day for an “Amazing Race”!    I am sure I will fall down at least once because that is what I do.





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