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10K Winner – FREE MONEY 2014

Congratulations Chastity Stemm-Randle of BELLEVILLE – our $10,000 Free Money Winner!

And the FREE MONEY year is JUST beginning! Starting Monday February 3rd, 106-5 The Arch St. Louis’ FREE MONEY station ups the cash jackpot  for 2014!  JUST like 2013, we will give away MORE free money than ANY St. Louis radio station!

AND NOW – ONE winner will win $25,000 in Free Money on Friday March 28th! We will have TWO winners each weekday – from 8am to 5pm – of $106 and ONE winner on-line each week!  All winners are eligible for the $25,000 Free Money giveaway! THEN – we announce $50,000 to be given away in the Summer with $106 in Free Money qualifiers starting March 31st!

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