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Nelly fans are abuzz about a performance tonight on Washington Ave. He’ll be throwing “Nelly’s Good Friday” show at Club Amnesia and there’s another buzz that the group he started with, St. Lunatics, will be performing with him. I WISH I was brave enough (and young enough) to want to deal with the madness that will be happening on Wash ... Read More »

Lady GaGa Falls Again!

She’s becoming an expert at falling down and bouncing right back up without missing a beat. But it does make one is that possible? When you fall down while speaking, for instance, your voice gets interrupted and very noticeably. While singing, it’s pretty much impossible not to waver a bit if you jump or dance or fall. Does it ... Read More »


Last year was the launch of Lou Fest, an annual outdoor concert featuring several national and local bands. Last year’s 2 day event was held at Forest Park and was filled with concert goers from across the country. I can see this show becoming one of the best festivals in the country in the coming years, and if that happens ... Read More »

A close one for Gaga

Watch this video of a Lady Gaga performance on Sunday. Not only does she fall off the piano, barely missing the piano with her HEAD, but she never misses a beat while singing. She just gracefully rises up and keeps going! Click HERE to see the video. Read More »