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The internet might be listening


The internet could be listening to your private conversations.  There are more and more devices like Amazon’s Echo which is a digital assistant set up in a home or office to listen for various requests, such as for a song, a sports score or the weather.  In theory, these devices could be used to listen to your private conversations. Amazon ... Read More »

RABLOG for Thursday, 07/30/15


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Don’t Eat M&M’s In Bed video


M&M’s sure are yummy!  So many different kinds to choose from these days…I really love the seasonal candy corn flavored…and the vanilla…and the pretzel…oh don’t forget the red velvet 😉 Check out their latest commercial about why you should NOT eat M&M’s alone in bed…it could cause trouble with your spouse.       Read More »

RABLOG for Wednesday, 07/29/15


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A New Star On The Walk

Sherry Hollywood WALK of Fame MM Star

Mariah Carey has had 18 number 1 hits over the years so you’d have thought she already had a star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame?  Nope.  She will receive the 2,556 star on August 5, 2015. How does a star get their star? The process The list of Stars who you can find on the walk. Read More »

RABLOG for Tuesday, 07/28/15


RICKI’S HOLLYWOOD 360: You Need To Hear Kelly Clarkson Cover Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” Kanye West Storms Out of a Gig – HERE, HERE and HERE Did Taylor Swift Dis Katy Perry By Performing with “Left Shark”? MORE FROM THE SHOW: 6 things I wish I had never told my kids. Couples Who Get Drunk Together Are Happier Android phones ... Read More »