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Talk of the Town – THIS WEEK – Almost Home

This week I’m joined by Rhonda Gray, Executive Director of Almost Home.   Almost Home is a non-profit organization that inspires homeless teenage mothers to create a better life for themselves and their children, while providing the basic necessities and steady structure to break the cycle of homelessness. Almost Home has a golf tournament coming up on Monday, May 5th, 2014 in support ... Read More »

WEEKEND GIVEAWAY – St. Louis Renaissance Faire (5/2-5/4)


Listen & win your way into the 2014 St. Louis Renaissance Faire coming to Rotary Park May 17th through June 8th ALL NEXT WEEKEND! About the Renaissance Faire We are a Living History event that seeks to recreate the spirit of Renaissance France. Travel back in time as you step into the beautifully wooded, 16th century village, we call Petit ... Read More »

Talk of the Town – THIS WEEK – Bright Blessings STL

This week on Talk of the Town I’m joined by Beth Brockling with Bright Blessings of St. Louis.    Bright Blessings is a non-profit, volunteer led organization that celebrates birthdays and other special occasions for homeless children and families to make sure they feel the love and kindness every child deserves.   “The goal of Bright Blessings is to bring joy, recognition ... Read More »

Good use for bad beer

If you’re a gardener and your plants are being attacked by slugs, here’s a solution.  Bury a wide-mouth container up to its neck so that it’s flush with the ground.  Fill the container halfway with beer, and the slugs will slide in for a swim and never get back out. Read More »

Feel a fight coming on? Grab a Snickers!

It’s true.  Eating a quick snack may help you avoid an argument with your spouse.  Researchers followed 107 married couples for three weeks.  Each night, they measured their blood glucose levels.  They also asked each participant to stick pins in a voodoo doll representing his or her spouse.  This act was to symbolize their aggressive feelings.  The results showed that ... Read More »

5 O’Clock Rewind


Catch The Arch’s 5 O’Clock Rewind every weekday at 5pm as we take you back to some of your best times. We will feature three songs from a specific year in history and then mix them with retro commercials, awesome TV show clips, funny movie trailers and any other crazy snippets of audio or trivia that will help take you ... Read More »