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RABLOG for Monday, 04/20/15


THE BUZZ: Local church sign that went viral. First “Parklet” installed in Clayton. These shoes grow with your kids. Wormnado in Norway. ARCH E NEWS: Rock Hall Induction Highlights, Including Yoko Ono Calling Ringo Starr “The Most Influential Beatle” Michael Bublé Shared a Photo with a Woman in Short-Shorts, But He Says He Didn’t Mean to “Body Shame” Her R&B ... Read More »

In theaters this weekend

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 (PG) Kevin James character takes his family on vacation to Las Vegas, but duty quickly calls. Unfriended (R) The movie unfolds completely over a teenager’s computer screen as she and her friends are stalked by an unseen figure seeking vengeance for a shaming video that led to another girl killing herself. Furious 7 is in its third ... Read More »

RABLOG for Friday, 04/17/15


THE BUZZ: Black Cat nurses sick animals back to health. Cake maker turns kid’s drawing into a very cool cake. Heartbreaking confessions from kids on what they wish their teacher knew about them. ARCH E NEWS: The NEW “Batman v. Superman” Trailer Leaked Yesterday – See it HERE Check Out Han Solo and Chewbacca in the New “Star Wars” Trailer ... Read More »

RABLOG for Thursday, 04/16/15


THE BUZZ: A woman is removing the make-up from dolls and the transformation is amazing. Looks like Metro is testing an electric bus. The next Men’s Health “Ultimate Guy” may not actually be a guy. Guy pours rubbing alcohol all over the inside of his car to kill bedbugs…then lights a cigarette. ARCH E NEWS: Five Ways Men and Women ... Read More »

Candy Crush injury

Here’s what happens when you play Candy Crush on your phone ALL DAY for six weeks.  A California man tore a tendon in his thumb while playing Candy Crush on his cellphone and didn’t even realize he was injured.  The 29-year-old had been playing the popular game all day for six weeks since he had just left the military and ... Read More »

RABLOG for Wednesday, 04/15/15


THE BUZZ: Wash U rowing team attacked by Flying Asian Carp. “Success Kid” needs your help. The San Antonio Spurs NBA Team created an 80’s Music Video that’s just too…something. ARCH E NEWS: R&B Singer Percy Sledge Has Died 65-Year-Old Billy Joel is Going to Be a Dad Again No, Norman Reedus Probably Won’t Lick You Tom Hanks’ Wife Underwent ... Read More »