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Bio – Van Lorenz

Van has been doing 106-5 The Arch’s morning show since The Arch began in April, 2005. He was born in Belleville, IL and raised in Hanley Hills, Overland and Bridgeton. Van graduated from Pattonville High.  The Arch is the 7th radio station he’s worked for since getting into the biz in 1983 via an on-air contest held by K-TUF – “Home of the Tuf Guys” in Kirksville, MO.  K-TUF asked listeners to write a limerick about the station.  The winner became DJ for a day.  Here’s the winning limerick Van submitted:

There once was a creature named ET,

Who thought Earth’s music quite beastly,

Until he tuned to K-TUF, he couldn’t get enough,

And his opinion changed completely!

After his DJ for a day (1 hour) gig, he was offered a job as the overnight jock and enjoyed working at K-TUF for the next 2 years.  He couldn’t believe he was getting paid to be on the radio and still can’t after 29 years!

Van lives in South St. Louis City in the Southampton Neighborhood with his wife Joan and Ringo, their greyhound.  His son Joe (a grad of SLUH) and daughter-in-law Carol Anne live close by and have blessed the family with Johnny, who was born in July, 2011.  Van’s daughter, Anna is a Cor Jesu grad and lives in Columbia, MO working as a Registered Dietician.

In addition to working for Simon Archer, Van has a freelance TV voiceover business. You hear his voice doing various announcements on ABC30.