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Secret to a happy marriage

The secret to a happy marriage: Tell your partner “I love you” ten times a week, and go on at least three dates a month.  A study of 1,000 married Americans also found that three surprise romantic gestures and ten meaningful conversations each month are key to a harmonious relationship.  AND most of those studied believe the secret to a ... Read More »

Worst luck ever

Johnny Quinn is having quite the run of bad luck.  On Saturday, the American bobsledder got stuck in a locked Sochi bathroom.  He had to break his way out.  Yesterday the Olympic hopeful got stuck in an elevator.  I don’t know if there are casinos in Sochi, but Quinn needs to steer clear! Read More »

10 frugal ways to say I Love You

1.  Clean the house, or just take on a few of your partner’s chores.  It’ll be appreciated. 2.  Make a heart-shaped breakfast.  Of course, you must include bacon. 3.  Write a love letter.  Include specific things you love about him/her. 4.  Plan a retro night.  Spend an evening doing things that remind you of when you were first dating. 5.  ... Read More »

Trying Something New

This may not work but I’m givin’ it a shot.  I’m going to blog telepathically today.  So if you think of something random and funny, you’re welcome! Read More »

R.I. P. Philip Seymour Hoffman

As you’ve probably heard, actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead yesterday of an apparent drug overdose in his New York City apartment.  One of my favorite roles of his was rock critic Lester Bangs in the movie “Almost Famous.”  Bangs worked wrote for numerous publications and was known for intellectually scathing reviews.  He also died of a drug overdose ... Read More »

Miley’s advice

Miley Cyrus appeared on “The Tonight Show” where Jay Leno asked her what advice she would give Justin Bieber.  Biebs was arrested for DUI in Florida last week, and on Wednesday he was charged with assault by Toronto police.  Miley’s advice: “You’ve got a lot of money.  Pay people to make sure you don’t get in trouble, and party at ... Read More »

Daryl Hall talks Rock Hall

Daryl Hall, of Hall & Oates, shared his thoughts on the duo finally being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April.  Why do you think it took so long?  Hall:  I don’t know.  It’s all political isn’t it?  It’s run by people who have their own agendas.  I wasn’t part of their agendas and now I ... Read More »

It’s Not Hot-lanta Today

I heard from my bro-in-law Dave this morning.  He works at Georgia Tech and lives in Atlanta… icy Atlanta.  He said whatever we’ve heard on the news about their weather, it’s worse.  He lives 20 miles from his job and was allowed to leave work yesterday at 2pm.  Despite the fact that the area only received 2 to 3 inches ... Read More »

Jesus’ with GPS

It’s come to this.  Churches are tracking baby Jesus’ with GPS.  Thefts of baby Jesus at nativity scenes are so prevalent this time of year that some churces are putting GPS chips in the dolls so they can track them.  A security firm, Brickhouse Securities, gives out free GPS devices to qualified institutions.  They then track the movements of any baby ... Read More »

Best days to propose

According to a new survey, Christmas Eve is the most romantic day for a guy to ask his lady to marry him, followed by Valentine’s Day, anniversary of the day you met, Halloween, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, his birthday and finally, her birthday.  How did Halloween  get on the list? Read More »