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Ignorance is bliss

A new study has revealed that 60% of newlyweds will have slept with two or more people in attendance at their wedding.  30% of those with bed partners in the pews behind them said it’s a good idea to NOT let your spouse-to-be know the truth about your escapades.  Ignorance is bliss after all. A quarter of all newlyweds said ... Read More »

RIP Egon Spengler

Actor, director and writer Harold Ramis died yesterday.  He had been sick since 2010 with autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis, a rare disease that causes blood vessels to swell and forced him to re-learn how to walk.  Ramis was probably best known for his role in “Ghostbusters”, which he also co-wrote, but he also directed “Caddyshack” and “Groundhog Day”, and co-wrote “Animal ... Read More »

Pink at the Oscars

Even though she hasn’t starred in any movies lately, Pink will appear at the Oscars this coming Sunday.  The show’s producers didn’t say what role Pink would play on the show, other than to say that she would take part in “a highly anticipated moment on the broadcast.” The only special moment that has been announced is a 75th anniversary ... Read More »

Clever Girl Scout

A thirteen year-old girl and her mother set up shop to sell Girl Scout Cookies outside of a medical marijuana clinic in San Francisco earlier this week.  The girl sold 117 boxes in two hours!  She is obviously destined for big things in her life. Read More »

The 4 most annoying things co-workers do

1.  Blather nonstop about their family, dog, vacation; the topic may vary but the interruptions won’t.  2.  Engage in fundraising for their kids by hitting you up to buy cookies, candy, wrapping paper, popcorn, etc. 3.  Make an untenable amount of noise with loud phone calls and radios at maximum volume.  4.  Operate in a constant state of neediness requiring ... Read More »

Clear you conscience

A new app dubbed the secret social network allows users to anonymously post their innermost thoughts – and read those of their friends.  However, users don’t know who is actually posting – only that the poster is a contact.  Some of the posts include users admitting to cheating on their wives or girlfriends!  Users admit the appeal of the site ... Read More »

Divorce Season

Valentine’s Day has come and gone.  Business is booming for divorce lawyers.  Every year, divorce attorneys across the country prepare for the fallout when couples fall out of love.  February and March is known in the industry as ‘divorce season.”  According to a relationship counselor, Valentine’s Day can play a big part in the uptick.  “It’s a Hallmark holiday.  Everything ... Read More »

Valentines Day survey results

A recent survey found only 17% of adults in  commited relationships say they don’t want a gift today or are skipping the holiday.  Flowers and candy topped the list of preferred gifts.  About a third say they’d most like to have intangibles like time together, health or happiness.  62% of men expect to have sex today.  They also expect the sex ... Read More »

Candy and your political leanings

The type of candy you like can say a lot about your political views.  Researchers found that Democrats tend to prefer extras (nuts, raisins, etc) in their candy while Republicans like dark chocolate and cream fillings.  Democrats enjoy Airheads and Nerds while just about everyone likes Butterfingers, 3 Musketeers and Resse’s Pieces.  Republicans dig M & Ms, Milk Duds and ... Read More »

Secret to a happy marriage

The secret to a happy marriage: Tell your partner “I love you” ten times a week, and go on at least three dates a month.  A study of 1,000 married Americans also found that three surprise romantic gestures and ten meaningful conversations each month are key to a harmonious relationship.  AND most of those studied believe the secret to a ... Read More »