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#SNlisten: How Fast Does Drinking Affect You

#SNlisten: We spent the morning after St Paddy’s Day, drinking. We wanted to show how fast alcohol can affect you! Plus, we had a St Charles Police officer issue us breathalyzers…

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day is the 4th most popular drinking holiday of the year, but maybe you are looking for an alternative to the Green Beer/Guinness.      I am drawing from my old bar tending days and sharing a recipe for one of my personal favorite St. Patrick’s Day drinks:  The Pillow Mint.    All you need for this delish alternative:

-2 Oz Irish Whiskey

-1/2 Oz Kahlua

-A splash of Peppermint Schnapps

Serve over ice and enjoy responsibly!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!




#SNlisten: Your Go To Jokes

#SNlisten: What is your go to joke? We told ours then you joined in…


#SNlisten: Comedian Jo Koy Calls World of Little People

#SNlisten: There’s a preschool called “World of Little People” and they must hate St Paddy’s Day. So comedian, Jo Koy, gave them a call…


#SNlisten: Does Whispering Turn You On?

#SNlisten: There’s a practice called “AMSR” which is basically people whispering. Some have said that orgasms can happen from it…


#SNlisten: Private Puncher

#SNlisten: Brando’s son wrote in his kindergarten journal about strangers “I’d punch them in the privates…”