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Lego Walk of Fire – Spencer Does It

#NeighborhoodWatch: Brando stepped on a Lego earlier this week and wanted to sue Lego for distress, medical and water damage after spilling a cup of water. Spencer was voted the person who had to take the Lego Walk of Fire to see how it feels…


#NeighborhoodWatch: Spencer On TV With Trike Riot

#NeighborhoodWatch: Spencer Graves joined Kim Hudson of Fox 2 and showed her what Trike Riot is all about! Trike Riot is coming to St Louis, August 20th, and you can sign up and even keep your trike!

#NeighborhoodWatch: Ricki Almost Died During Fireworks

#NeighborhoodWatch: Ricki almost died during a fireworks celebration…

See if Ricki overcame her fear of lighting an actual firework…


#SNlisten: Eating Lunch With a Messy Eater

#SNlisten: “It looked like a dripping faucet of rice…” Lunch got a little messy yesterday for the show!

#SNlisten: We Will Remember When Our Loved Ones Can’t

#SNlisten: Spencer Graves told us the emotional story about his mom and why it’s so hard seeing someone battle Alzheimer’s disease…


Heard ‘Round the ‘Hood – Tuesday – 6.21.16

Phone Screener Mark replied all – Should he of?

What’s the best thing about being pregnant? See what others said HERE

Jaime Lynn Spears gives Ricki advice about her injured ankle.