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#SNlisten: Brando Has Ship For Brains

#SNlisten: Since today is #NationalTalkLikeAPirateDay, Brando got into the spirit as a standup Pirate comedian…


#SNlisten: Colin Powell threw an email grenade at Bill and Hillary Clinton but what does it have to do with Capt’n Crunch, Scooby Doo and skinny jeans?

LOUFEST: You’ve Certainly Never Seen Anything Like This

This weekend at LouFest will showcase some of the best “up and coming” musical talent as well as something you have NEVER seen before in your life. You can now get a sneak peek at it…

Currently reading….

We celebrated Read a Book Day this week, which is a holiday I pretty much celebrate every day.   I just finished up Sarah-Jane Stratford’s “Radio Girls” – a fictional yet historic look at women in the BBC at its inception.   I have to admit, I am kinda in love with Hilda Matheson after reading the book.

As I was headed out on vacation, I stopped to browse a bookstore to find some choice reading to take along, and ran across the cover.   This was one of those “book soulmate” moments, when you know that you are going to love this one.   How could this Radio Girl pass up a book called “Radio Girls”?

I can’t recommend it enough, whether you are a radio or history buff it is captivating, funny, and gives you an amazing glimpse of at least a couple of the women giants whose shoulders I stand on daily.


And you have to admit, it will make great office decor for me as well.

It seems like as an adult, I can never “find” enough time for reading.   Sooooo…I have pledged a half hour a day to myself as of this week to read and have some “down time”.  We will see how well that works out.  When I was younger I was a certified book nerd, and like the screenagers of today, my nose was always planted inside the pages of my latest find.   I am not sure why as we get older that time spent doing those things we love become somehow less.

Wishing you the time today to do one thing you love.



So Co, I love you.

Sending out some big hugs to my beloved So Co today!

Nothing makes my day more than stopping in to a business and hear the Arch playing!   Except for pulling up next to someone in 270 traffic and they are listening.   Or when someone tells me you are listening.   Okay, basically anytime I know you are hanging out with us.   And if I find out, don’t get mad but I am making it a big deal.

I was out on Friday doing my normal errands and running around on Telegraph Road and 3 places I stopped in were rockin 106.5 The Arch!  (Don’t worry, I will get to all of you)

Today I want to highlight the place and peeps that keep me fed at least once a week.   This awesome crew at Papa Murphy’s on Telegraph were hanging out with the Arch when I stopped in for my normal Gourmet Veggie with White sauce.  (Yum!)


Stop in and see them sometime, $10 Tuesday is always a great excuse.

Thank you SO much to this crew at Papa Murphy’s!   You really made my Friday!!

You NEVER know when I may stop in or hear that you are playing the Arch at work.

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!




#SNlisten: We Apparently Can’t Say The “O” Word

#SNlisten: Our corporate lawyers have decided that we aren’t allowed to say certain words when it pertains to the competitive sporting event that is happening outside of America and includes other countries and Zika.

#SNlisten: Call Spencer, For Real

#SNlisten: When Spencer came here, he noticed that we don’t have a text line in studio. So today, he decided to use his personal cell as a line for you to call/text!

#NeighborhoodWatch – Faizon Love

#NeighborhoodWatch: Actor/comedian, Faizon Love, joined us and talked about race in America, weed farms and his time with Jon Favreau. He’s been in Elf, The Replacements, Friday and many other’s…


SNlisten: Melania Trump Allegedly Stole

#SNlisten: Melania Trump is facing heat after using a speech that belonged to someone else.


Inside Ricki – A diary-ish thing

It felt like I was having the birds and the bees conversation for the first time the content wasn’t nearly as lewd but it scared me just the same….

Gia and I went to get dog food at a pet store and whenever there are kids around that want to pet her –  I always let them say hi, because she really isn’t around kids that often and she needs the socialization. So these three kids probably like 10, 8 and 5 years old came running up really fast – they started petting her everywhere and she was taking it really well.

Then the seven or eight year old looks at me and says “she doesn’t have a tail…what happened to her tail????”
I couldn’t tell him that the breeder CUT her tail off when she was a baby…..
I stood there with 6 eyes staring at me for an answer….. Uh…..I felt like this was a moment that their parent should explain to them……it was a very uncomfortable moment that could potentially be tragic for the kids  and I didn’t feel it appropriate for me to be the one to tell them the truth.

All I said was “that is how she came”. Thank god I don’t have kids. WWBD?? (what would brando do) How would you explain that to your kids? Would you want a stranger telling them??