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Mom Reads Son’s Facebook, Saves Him from Shooting

A mother in Salt Lake City was able to save her son from a shooting by monitoring his Facebook page.  The mom called a police officer who was assigned to her son’s school after she read comments from two male teenagers on Facebook threatening to come to the school and shoot her son.  Officers searched the school and surrounding area and found the teens parked in a car nearby along with a gun, ammo, drugs and lots of money.  Police believe the boys were waiting there in order to confront their intended target after school.  They were arrested on several charges.

Streaming Gaga

New York City’s legendary Roseland Ballroom will be shutting down after Lady Gaga performs there on April 7th, but fans who can’t be there will be able to see the concert.  Gaga will be live streaming the event at  She has already performed at the venue six times during her residency.  Gaga made the streaming announcement in a video that was posted online.

Pizza man gets his own shocking delivery

A Papa Johns Pizza delivery guy in Portland, Oregon got stiffed the other night.  A couple ordered some pizzas and left him only a few cents tip on the bill.  The next day he went to work and his boss asked about the delivery he made to the couple’s address the night before.  The couple had been in the Papa John’s store that day and left a note for the delivery dude.  They apologized for their math error and felt horrible that they didn’t leave him a decent tip.  The note included a $20 bill to make up for the night before!

In other pizza news, a pizzeria in Canada is offering marijuana as a pizza topping.  The owner says they only serve up slices to people who are at least 18 years old and have a prescription for medical marijuana.

Look but don’t touch

Touching items in stores can lead to overspending.  Researchers found that touching an item boosts a person’s perception of ownership and increases the amount they will pay for it.  A finance expert says the way around this is to only touch the item with one finger because it satisfies the desire to touch without implying ownership.

But it would be pretty hard to go for a test drive and use just one finger!

Frozen is hot

With a global box office revenue of $1.072 billion, “Frozen” is now the highest grossing animated film ever made, even passing up “Toy Story 3″.  The Disney hit also nabbed the number 10 spot on the list of the biggest global blockbusters of all time as it edges up toward “The Dark Knight Rises”.

Pharrell teams up with Adidas

Pharrell Williams has teamed up with Adidas to create a collection made with Bionic Yarn fabric – cloth made from plastic debris found in the ocean.  The line will feature the brand’s classic sporty apparel made with the Eco-friendly material.  The products will make their debut this summer.

Because we’re not fat enough

Since Chicago is a popular business or pleasure destination for St Louisans, you may be interested to know about a new addition to the Chicago White Sox concessions menu – especially if you have a gigantic sweet tooth.  The Sox are selling a three pound sundae served in a full-size batting helmet this season.  The sundae has four scoops each of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream.  It comes drizzled with chocolate, caramel and strawberry syrup, and includes two bananas, whipped cream and cherries.  It’ll cost $17 and so far as the calorie count is concerned, you don’t want to know.

So That’s Where They Are

Dutch brewing company Bavaria has released a new TV ad for their fruit-flavored beer, Radler.  It features (still alive) Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Bruce Lee and Tupac Shakur hanging out on an island which is very much a tropical paradise.  Elvis inflates a raft while Marilyn rubs suntan lotion on Tupac’s belly and Cobain and Lennon lounge on beach chairs.  Then, Lee spots a ship in the distance and the celebrities quickly hide!

Drinking does make you funnier, but

Drinking really does make you funnier, but only when you are the judge.  Researchers invited 12 comedians out for a night of drinking at a club and each was asked to come up with a joke, deliver it and then have another drink.  They were also asked to rate their own jokes.  All the jokes were later judged independently by a sober panel.  The comics rated their jokes as the funniest after 4 or 5 drinks but the sober judges rated those jokes to be much less amusing and often actually offensive.

I also think I sing better after 4 or 5 drinks!

It’s official

Sitting around really does give you a big booty.  Scientists say the more we sit, the more fat cells are being produced on our behinds.  Apparently the pressure we add to our butts by sitting on them is what increases fat production.  It’s kind of the opposite of how our muscles work.  They get weaker the less we use them, while our fat cells get bigger the more we leave them alone – and even bigger when we add pressure.