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#SNlisten: Keifer Sutherland Goes Country

#SNlisten: Keifer Sutherland is an actor, with money, who is putting it behind a song and an actual video…


Leftover Easter Eggs?

So maybe I’m alone here but I ate WAY too much over the weekend, and I needed to go to the lighter side this week.  If you are looking for a great way (lower guilt) to use up those leftover Easter Eggs – Check out this four ingredient (or more) Avocado Egg Salad!

-6 Hard-boiled Eggs
-1 Ripe Avocado, peeled and mashed
-1/2 lime Squeeze
-Salt and Pepper to taste

Combine all for a low guilt lunch! I like to add, garlic salt, red onions, and diced tomatoes.



#NeighborhoodPeepShow: Naked or Peep?

#NeighborhoodPeepShow: Brando had a difficult choice…would Spencer select the naked Bea Arthur picture to show him or would Ricki?


SNlisten: People Give Us Their :10 Sales Pitch

#SNlisten: Spencer wound up in the middle of a Mary Kay convention while at the St Charles Convention Center so people called us and pitched us their products in :10…


#SNlisten: Aries Spears

#SNlisten: from MadTV to St Louis, Aries Spears joined us!