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Gimme some candy!

I heard that a lot on Saturday at the 4th of July Parade in Webster Groves.  But I also heard a lot of “thanks”, “I love the Arch” and “I like your hat.”  Cardinals’ fans recognize my hat as a Brockabrella, an invention of left field legend Lou Brock.  For those in the crowd Saturday who called it by name,  they got extra candy.  So, now you know.  I’ll be wearing it again next year!

How fat are we?

The average American woman now weighs as much as the average American man weighed in 1960!  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the average woman now weighs 166.2 pounds.  That’s up from 140 pounds in 1960.  The average U.S. male now weighs 195.5 pounds which is up from 166.3 in 1960.

Anyone for some Ted Drewes?

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The real reason you’re not productive at work

Lack of sleep is the reason.  Experts say it isn’t what you’re drinking, eating or smoking that lowers your productivity.  It’s how much sleep you’re getting.  If you get less than 7 hours of shuteye at night you can expect low productivity the next day.

I’m happy to say that thanks to our Sleep Number bed, I get a solid 8 every night.  And so does Joan.  Having your own Sleep Number setting is key.  You and your bedmate should check out a Sleep Number bed for yourselves.  There are 7 stores in the STL.

Just think, if you become more productive at work, good things may happen.  You could impress the boss, get a raise, be named Employee of the Month, or,  just go home early!

It’s not just for babies anymore

Pedialyte is aimed at small children, but the target market may be changing.  Pedialyte use by adults has exploded by 60%.  Today, grown-ups make up a third of Pedialyte drinkers because some people believe it’s a great hangover cure.

The company is pitching a “See the Lyte” marketing campaign that includes free samples at sports games and music festivals.

I haven’t tried it but am willing to keep an open mind!

Millennials don’t talk

Millennials (Generation Y) love their smartphones, but one thing they don’t do that much is use them to talk.  One expert says millennials see a phone call as an interruption.  Picking up the phone without emailing first can make it seem as though you’re prioritizing your needs over theirs.  A psychologist says millennials grew up with emails, text messaging and instant messaging, so they are going to naturally be more anxious talking on the phone.

It’s Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

The Humane Society of Missouri says, “Shelter adoption is the best option for both people and homeless pets.  Often animals are left at shelters because of circumstances beyond their control: a caregiver has died, the family moved, or the home was not a good fit for them.  Regardless of why they have arrived, shelter dogs, cats and critters can make first-rate pets.”

Adopting a pet from a shelter has many benefits.  Most of them have lived in a dwelling with people, so they have a proven personality.  Humane Society of Missouri pets are up-to-date on all vaccinations and shelter adoption fees are generally lower than breeders or pet stores.  The pets are spayed or neutered which improves behavior and prevents pet overpopulation.

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Broga is a thing

It’s macho over mantra.  Yoga classes for men called Broga are growing in popularity.  Broga celebrates the physical over the spiritual, and strength over flexibility.  Broga instructors say it sets men free to flex tight hamstrings without feeling inadequate next to a woman twisted like a pretzel.  It was first developed in 2009 and there are now 200 Broga instructors in 22 states.

Feds want us to eat expired food

The Agriculture Department is urging people to eat food up to 18 months past the throwaway date in order to solve the food waste problem in America.  The department even released an app called FoodKeeper which is supposed to have a more accurate calculation of food expiration dates.  The app also has tips on how to properly cook expired food, and can even alert you when your food is nearing its expiration dates.

Showbiz rumor

Kris Jenner is upset that ex-husband Bruce Jenner did a tell-all interview with Diane Sawyer and is now threatening to sue him over it.  Bruce sat down with Diane to reveal he’s becoming a woman and sources say Kris is very concerned about what he might reveal about their relationship.  The sources say she snapped this past weekend and is now threatening to file a defamation lawsuit.  Kris is demanding he let her see the interview before it airs.