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Scenes from Home Opener

Had a GREAT time at the Cards home opener yesterday!


Have to send a shout out to this group who were not only celebrating a birthday in their midst, but were FIRST in line to get in at BPV!


I am not amused by the fact that Sam and I have the same HAT!  Don’t you know Sam, that is total shenanigans?   LOL  Okay, I wasn’t really mad.


Thank you SO much to Drunken Fish at BPV for allowing us to hang out with them.   Had a chance to meet so many amazing people, including my new fav Amanda from Wood River!    She rocked the Pong Star.



It didn’t take long for Pong Star to become a big hit, everyone wanted one of the Spencer’s Neighborhood Throwback Shirts!


Brando was not amused at my antics, but I think this turned out to be a great shot!

And then the clouds parted and the sun came out just in time for the game!   Go Cards!!   Looking forward to a great 2016 season and can’t wait to try the New Meatball cone at Busch!



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What makes it difficult to get out the door?

I am one of the lucky individuals who LOVES her job and I absolutely do not take it for granted.  Even for me, there are a few things that make it difficult to get out the door each morning.   One of the biggest is THIS face.    This is my daily dose of Boo-Guilt.


Who or what makes it difficult for you to get out the door each day?




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