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#SNlisten: Who Did Our Coworkers Pick For President?

#SNlisten: We walked around an office with pictures of Spencer, Ricki and Brando. We asked people based on their picture, “who would make the best President?” Their responses were great!

What To Bring If You’re A First-Time Voter

Today is #ElectionDay which means there will be tons of first-time voters…if you’re one of them in Missouri, here’s a list of things you’ll need to bring to your Polling Place.


Bring one of the following:

  • Photo ID issued by the federal government, Missouri, another state, or an institution of higher education in Missouri
  • Current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, or government check
  • Any government document that shows your name and address


If you need to find your nearest Polling Place, just click here!

#SNlisten: How Spencer Remembered a Tragedy After a Post On Social

#SNlisten: Spencer remembered breaking his arm when he saw a picture Brando posted from this weekend. It also made listener Shannon remember when her son needed staples in his head…

Scenes from Lanternfest

I could just go on and on about how much fun I had at Lanternfest at Brookdale Farms over the weekend!    We had a chance to meet some amazing people!   Ricki and I had an opportunity to spend a few minutes with Mark and Lynette, who are big fans of Spencer’s Neighborhood:


Before the launch, festival goers had a chance to partake in s’mores, food trucks, live music, face painting, balloon animals, and of course lantern decorating.   Mark and Lynette are getting married soon!   Look at their adorable Lantern:


Congrats Mark and Lynette!    I made my lantern into a little message to my mommy:


Even before the launch, the sunset provided an amazing pre-show:


I knew it would be beautiful, but I guess I didn’t realize quite HOW beautiful it would be:








It was one of those events I won’t soon forget.    Thank you to EVERYONE who made it out!





#SNlisten: Some People Didn’t Watch The World Series

#SNlisten: Some people in and around St Louis weren’t able to watch the Cubs historic win over the Cleveland Indians but it had nothing to do with interest. Here’s what happened to @SpencerGraves and probably someone you know…

#SNlisten: Why Do Kids Think They Need More Candy?

#SNlisten: You should ask your child “why they need another piece of candy” and see what they say because this adorable little girl had a great reason for another piece…

Spencer's_Neighborhood_Logo_Stacked Distressed

#NeighborhoodWatch: Ricki Tries to Kick a Field Goal

#NeighborhoodWatch: Ricki got some professional help from former NFL Kicker Louie Aguiar.  Did it help?  See for yourself.

#NeighborhoodWatch: Bryce’s Reaction to Lemp Mansion Video

Spencer posted the video of the strange sighting he saw at the Lemp Mansion…we showed it to Assistant Phone Screener Bryce and his reaction was priceless!


Watch here:


Here’s the original video, show your friends!

If you want to hear more about the Lemp Mansion, here’s our conversation with historian Steven Walker..


#SNlisten: What Really Haunts The Lemp Mansion?

#SNlisten: Lemp family historian, Stephen Walker, joined us to tell the stories about what really haunts the famous Lemp Mansion. Spencer also explained what he heard and saw after his overnight stay…