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Tomorrow, Funjet Vacations is sending me to Puerto Vallarta and they want to send YOU there too!  I’ll be on assignment (no, really) to gather and share great footage, including pictures and video along with Facebook posts and Tweets, so you can share the experience.  But YOUR PUERTO VALLARTA experience doesn’t have to be a virtual one.  Listen and WIN a 4 night stay at all inclusive Crown Paradise Club resort along with round trip airfare and hotel transfers, by listening to 106.5 The Arch today (July 2nd) between 10a and 3p! With a simple phone call, you could be on your way!  Sarah Craig of Cahokia and Tim Sweeney of Hazelwood won Monday and Tuesday!  Wednesday we also made Shonte Bell of Florissant Puerto Vallarta bound!  You can also win one of 2 additional Puerto Vallarta trips from Funjet Vacations in the Arch Allies Club – the deadline to enter is July 13th at 11:59 pm!  Winners will be drawn July 14th.

When I arrive in Puerto Vallarta tomorrow, I’ll be staying at a Crown Paradise resort, just steps from the Pacific.  I’m told this is THE resort provides the kind of vacation experience everyone wants – worry free.  That’s what I want, and need.  I don’t want to have worry about picking a good restaurant or search for fun things to do.  I want my vacation to involve the least amount of effort possible.  That’s my idea of a vacation!  Considering the amenities at Crown Paradise,  it looks like we don’t even have to leave the resort!

One thing I’m looking forward to finding out:  How good is the guacamole?  Stay tuned!

I’ve went on a Funjet Vacations getaway to Riviera Maya a few years ago, and holy guacamole was it amazing!!  Unlike other vacations I’ve taken, this one was taken care of from every angle allowing me to enjoy the view and relax.  No worries about the quality of the hotel, service, entertainment options, food – everything was steps away.  We did do an out of resort activity at a “dolphin experience” recommended by the concierge, which was incredible!  I was hugging dolphins and manatees!!

I’ll be posting my Puerto Vallarta experiences Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun on at as well as The Arch and my own social media pages.  Connect to my pages here.




Christy and Eric Dane

Christy and Eric Dane


I spent last weekend in San Diego for the TNT experience of “The Last Ship,” the new show premiering Sunday at 8 on TNT.  It’s a TV show with a big budget movie attitude thanks to the vision of Michael Bay (the master Director behind Transformers) and his love for stunning effects that give an already continuously climactic storyline a triple loop roller coaster ride.

Hear more about “The Last Ship”development, plot, and what to expect Sunday at 8 on TNT!

Prepping for interviews

Prepping for interviews

Screening Intro from TNT rep

Screening Intro from TNT rep



Rhona Mitra

Rhona Mitra

Screening shot with Eric Dane in uniform!

Screening shot with Eric Dane in uniform!




The Last Ship banner


20140613_203206Movie-style big budget action and drama in “THE LAST SHIP” premiering on TNT Sunday, 8C!  Over the weekend I had the privilege of attending the screening aboard the USS Midway, a massive aircraft carrier now a museum, docked in San Diego.  TNT is bringing a new level of drama to TV with visual master and EP, MICHAEL BAY (D-Transformers) and starring ERIC DANE (Grey’s Anatomy) leading an apocalyptic storyline that is frightening, yet within the realm of possibility.  Just to give you an idea of how incredibly thrilling and fast paced “THE LAST SHIP” is, the temps and winds were quite chilly while watching the screening on top of the carrier and goose bumps were as prevalent as popcorn, candy and cocktails.  However, once the movie….sorry the show (it’s easy to confuse with TLS action) started the shivers faded and the goose bumps appeared for completely different reasons.

Visualize a global, unstoppable viral pandemic killing the world’s population. As long as you’re breathing, you’re in danger.  One ship full of highly trained Navy sailors led by Capt.  Tom Chandler, was the only one far removed from threat.  The mission of the team on board: survive long enough to find the cure.

Experience the action here>>> Watch “THE LAST SHIP” trailer!

More cool details of my experience to come this week, including pictures and interview audio of stars ERIC DANE and RONA MITRA!

The show premieres Sunday at 8C on TNT! ~Christy


San Diego from the boat

San Diego from the boat

The big screen for "The Last Ship"

The big screen for “The Last Ship”

TNT presence on board the USS Midway for "The Last Ship" screening in San Diego!

TNT presence on board the USS Midway for “The Last Ship” screening in San Diego!

TNT  - BOOM.  That pretty much says it all.

TNT – BOOM. That pretty much says it all.

The long view of the USS Midway

The long view of the USS Midway

Me posing with a pilot. He's not real, but I wish he was!

Me posing with a pilot. He’s not real, but I wish he was!

Arriving for the screening with DJ's from around the country and TNT reps.

Arriving for the screening with DJ’s from around the country and TNT reps.

Great shot of Navy ships at San Diego port!

Great shot of Navy ships at San Diego port!


TNT Drama - surrounded by Navy ships!

TNT Drama – surrounded by Navy ships!

"Unconditional Surrender" statue at Sand Diego port.

“Unconditional Surrender” statue at Sand Diego port.

This is a screen saver shot of an old fighter jet and ship towers.

This is a screen saver shot of an old fighter jet and ship towers.


Good use for bad beer

If you’re a gardener and your plants are being attacked by slugs, here’s a solution.  Bury a wide-mouth container up to its neck so that it’s flush with the ground.  Fill the container halfway with beer, and the slugs will slide in for a swim and never get back out.

Feel a fight coming on? Grab a Snickers!

It’s true.  Eating a quick snack may help you avoid an argument with your spouse.  Researchers followed 107 married couples for three weeks.  Each night, they measured their blood glucose levels.  They also asked each participant to stick pins in a voodoo doll representing his or her spouse.  This act was to symbolize their aggressive feelings.  The results showed that lower blood sugar levels led to more pins being pushed into the doll.

Journey Singer to do an Album

The lead singer of Journey, Arnel Pineda, is working on a solo project.  He says the album will feature is own compositions, and he plans to release it before the year ends.  The album has led to talk that Pineda is planning to leave Journey.  But he says he plans to stay as long as the band needs him.  Sorry Steve Perry fans!

Journey plays VWA with Steve Miller July 11th.

Mom Reads Son’s Facebook, Saves Him from Shooting

A mother in Salt Lake City was able to save her son from a shooting by monitoring his Facebook page.  The mom called a police officer who was assigned to her son’s school after she read comments from two male teenagers on Facebook threatening to come to the school and shoot her son.  Officers searched the school and surrounding area and found the teens parked in a car nearby along with a gun, ammo, drugs and lots of money.  Police believe the boys were waiting there in order to confront their intended target after school.  They were arrested on several charges.

Streaming Gaga

New York City’s legendary Roseland Ballroom will be shutting down after Lady Gaga performs there on April 7th, but fans who can’t be there will be able to see the concert.  Gaga will be live streaming the event at  She has already performed at the venue six times during her residency.  Gaga made the streaming announcement in a video that was posted online.

Pizza man gets his own shocking delivery

A Papa Johns Pizza delivery guy in Portland, Oregon got stiffed the other night.  A couple ordered some pizzas and left him only a few cents tip on the bill.  The next day he went to work and his boss asked about the delivery he made to the couple’s address the night before.  The couple had been in the Papa John’s store that day and left a note for the delivery dude.  They apologized for their math error and felt horrible that they didn’t leave him a decent tip.  The note included a $20 bill to make up for the night before!

In other pizza news, a pizzeria in Canada is offering marijuana as a pizza topping.  The owner says they only serve up slices to people who are at least 18 years old and have a prescription for medical marijuana.

Look but don’t touch

Touching items in stores can lead to overspending.  Researchers found that touching an item boosts a person’s perception of ownership and increases the amount they will pay for it.  A finance expert says the way around this is to only touch the item with one finger because it satisfies the desire to touch without implying ownership.

But it would be pretty hard to go for a test drive and use just one finger!