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Meet Ellie, a 1 year old cattle dog


Meet Ellie, a 1 year old cattle dog. Ellie is great with other dogs and very gentle with the puppies in her foster home. A perfect home might be one that has a dog or puppy her size, 30 lbs or an active family with older children that enjoys exercise. Ellie even likes cats and kittens, although the cats may ... Read More »

Harry is in desperate need of a loving home


Meet Harry at the Edwardsville Crossing Petco this Saturday from 11-3:30! Can you believe these before and after pictures?  Neglect and abandonment led cute little 2 year old Shih Tzu “Harry” to Alton Animal Control where he was on death row.  On the last scheduled day of his life, he was saved by Hope Animal Rescues!  His matted fur was ... Read More »

Stitches is one of the sweetest puppies I have ever seen!


Stitch is an ADORABLE 3 month old terrier mix puppy. Don’t let that beard fool you, he is indeed a puppy!  And a sweet and gentle one!  Sit on the floor, and he’ll crawl right into your lap to give and receive smooches! He was transferred from a high kill shelter in Oklahoma and his life was saved by Five Acres ... Read More »

[UPDATED] Dempsey is a snuggly puppy that needs a good home!


This affectionate, snuggly boy is Dempsey, a 4.5 month old Beagle/Lab/Basset puppy mixer saved by Hope Rescues of Godfrey, IL.  Dempsey is a chunker!  He’s very social with other animals, 90% house trained, 100% if you are not even 5 minutes late to let him out!  Sit on the ground and let him greet you with an instant crawl into ... Read More »

[ADOPTED] Marcel the Formerly Diabetic Cat


Marcel was returned by his adopter after three months. He was overweight and diabetic due to having been free-fed a low quality high carb diet of dry 9 Lives. After only a week or two of being on a high quality low carb canned food diet, Marcel went into remission! With a continued diet of a decent quality low carb ... Read More »

How can you say no to a Cowboy?


Meet Cowboy at Five Acres Animal Shelter in St. Charles Tuesday-Friday 2-6pm and Saturdays and Sundays Noon-6pm. Cowboy is a gentle hound mix, possibly a Treeing Walker Coonhound, that is looking for a home.  He’s an older puppy, around 5-7 months old.  He absolutely loves attention and treats!  He also likes to stand on top of chairs and his dog ... Read More »

Heidi might just be the perfect dog…


Heidi is a 3-5 yr. old full grown Beagle/Corgi mix rescued by Gateway 4 Paws of Fairview Heights.  She is as sweet as they come, definitely the Beagle in her.  Heidi’s stumpy tail and short legs could indicate that she is mixed with a full blooded Corgi!  She is the best of both worlds when it comes to “sporting” breeds ... Read More »

[ADOPTED] Steener is in need of a good home!


Meet Steener, a sweet and gorgeous brindle boy rescued from a high-kill animal control gassing facility the day he was to be euthanized due to overcrowding. He is a beagle/boxer mix that is approximately 25lbs and is 1-1.5yrs old. He is a very sweet boy that is more on the mellow side. He looks at you with the sweetest “please ... Read More »

[ADOPTED] Are you a Blues fan? Then how can you say no to Panger?


Panger and Steener (big Blues fans) came from a high-kill animal control gassing facility, Panger was tagged for rescue first and his transport person was on their way with him and received a text saying how lonely Steener looked and was crying out after his “cell mate” buddy was taken away.  We instantly knew we had to save him too, ... Read More »