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April is a self-described “simple girl” who loves radio.  Most people would say she’s happy and outgoing, but she pays most of them to say that.  After 14 years in radio, she’s has worked at stations of all shapes and sizes. But it is her dream-come-true to work in St. Louis because she LOVES this city!  A little bit adventurous, she’s done some skydiving, bungee-jumped, and ridden with a motorcycle stunt man.  She’s a Cardinals fan and a live music junkie.  In her spare time she loves to be with her loved ones and friends and run the track with her four legged child.  She may be small, but she can eat an entire pizza all by herself.   Summer, roller coasters, and hanging by the lake are some of her favorite things.  She can also say her ABC’s backwards.  Catch her on the weekends on her favorite station (and yours!) 106-5 The Arch.