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#SNlisten: Spencer Made a New Friend

#SNlisten: Spencer is notorious for striking up a conversation with anyone, at any time. His recent trip for lunch netted him a new friend…

#SNlisten: One Of Us Is Becoming a Criminal

#SNlisten: One of us is getting pulled over quite a bit lately. This time, it resulted in a speeding ticket but one thing happened that left them scratching their head.

#SNlisten: Cassiday Questions Quitting Bootlegging Over Ethics

#SNlisten: Cassiday is thinking about quitting bootlegging because of an ethical dilemma that could make her some money. What does she decided even after talking to a client…

#SNlisten: Did Owen Lie About Delivering Baby Stingrays?

#SNlisten: Brando’s middle son, Owen, claimed that he helped deliver some baby stingrays at the St Louis Zoo. Nick Duzer weighed in to settle the debate…

#SNlisten: Did Owen Really Assist In a Birth At The Zoo?

#SNlisten: Brando’s middle son, Owen, claims that he assisted in a birth while on a field trip at the St Louis Zoo! You have to hear his insane story that has left us scratching our heads and turning to the St Louis Zoo for validation…