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13 Scary People Names

1.  Michael Myers (Halloween): 4,282 people; 333 in OH.

2.  Stephen King (Author): 2,068; 168 in TX.

3.  Norman Bates (Psycho): 96; 9 in TX.

4.  Jason Vorhees (Friday the 13th): 30; 4 each in CA, PA & NY.

5.  Annie Wilkes (Misery): 25; 10 in GA.

6.  Jack Torrance (The Shining): 10; 2 in CA.

7.  Wes Craven (Director): 7; 2 in NC.

8.  Alfred Hitchcock (Director): 7; 2 each in CA & MD.

9.  Max Cady (Cape Fear): 6; 3 in FLA.

10.  Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street): 5; 2 in WA.

11.  Donnie Darko (Donnie Darko): 4; 3 in PA.

12.  Samara Morgan (The Ring): 2; 1 each in TX & ND.

13.  Damien Thorn (The Omen): 1 in CA.


Taylor Swift’s new album “1989” sold more than 600,000 copies in 24 hours.  It will easily sell one-million units in its first week of release – a feat no other album has accomplished so far this year!  The album is named for the year of Taylor’s birth, so, I have blue jeans older than her.  I wish they still fit.

Prince on SNL

When Prince performs on Saturday Night Live this week, he’ll play one extra-long segment in the middle of the show.  So, instead of two performances, he’ll do just one eight-minute jam session with his new all-female band 3rdEyeGirl.

Host Chris Rock requested Prince to be the only musical guest.  It’ll mark the first time in 18 years that Rock has appeared on the show.

Halloween Pet Safety Tip

According to the animal shelter where I adopted Ringo the greyhound, it’s a bad idea to take dogs trick or treating.  They can become hard to handle during all of the excitement.  Plus, you don’t want your doggie to eat candy he finds on the ground, or, in your neighbor’s hand!  It’s best to keep the family dog(s) safely inside to ensure they don’t become frightened or feel threatened at the sight of noisy, costumed children.

Arguing with your spouse can make you FAT

A study has found that arguments with your significant other leads to feelings of depression.  These feelings actually change the way our bodies burn calories.  Specifically, it slows the daily use of calories.  This can translate to an extra 12 pounds to carry around per year.  These findings show how important it is to value your relationship so you can stay mentally healthy.

Hey McFly, how about a hoverboard?

Remember the hoverboard in “Back to the Future”?  There is one coming out next year and it “only” costs $10,000.  A California company is looking for $250,000 in funding on Kickstarter to help in the release of the Hendo next October.  But before you get too excited, the current prototype of the Hendo will hover about 3cm off the ground for around 15 minutes.  It uses a strong magnetic field and will only float above floors made of non-ferrous metals such as copper or aluminum.  So, this ain’t no skateboard for flying down to Ted Drewes…. yet.

The Casey Kasem Family Drama – Chapter 14

I imagine Casey Kasem is somewhere listening to the radio, enjoying the afterlife. His family on the other hand, acts as if they’re taping a reality show. The new battle has begun over his burial location. His daughter says his wish was to be buried at Oak Lawn – cemetery to the stars – in LA. His wife Jean is planning to move to Norway and now has him in Oslo, preparing to lay him to rest. Is Jean the one who’s wrong here or is it the family? I’m so confused.  What I do know, is this is nowhere close to coming to a conclusion.  ~Christy

Need to get AWAY? This may help….

I know it’s not always easy (or affordable) to get out of town and escape everyday life.  Hopefully I can help in a few ways, one of them involving a FREE TRIP to PUERTO VALLARTA courtesy of FUNJET VACATIONS!  Another way I can give you a reprive is to share pictures along with my experience at Crown Paradise resort in Puerto Vallarta.  Funjet Vacations sent me there so I could give you a first hand experience and convey just how great of a getaway it really is.  No commercial they could produce could possibly detail everything Crown Paradise has to offer.  I know, I’m a bit long winded, but I had to be!  There is so much to share, and by the end of the blog, I want you to feel like you’re there. ~Christy

From the moment I arrived it was another world.  I stepped out of the cab, my bags were taken and I was handed a chilled towel as I checked in at the open air hotel lobby.  Where have you experienced that?? Starving after a long flight, I immediately had an outdoor lunch with the ocean in sight.  The cool thing is, my view was even better from the hotel room, ocean front!  Falling asleep to the sound of ocean waves is the epitome of escape.

After a day of relaxing on the beach, we had dinner at Sans Soucis within Crown Paradise Club Vallarta, one of many options within the 2 sister hotels.  I can’t say that I’ve ever eaten at a French restaurant until now.  A fabulous 5 course meal including appetizer, soup, salad, Mahi Mahi and desert.  Don’t worry about calories, it’s vacation AND there are plenty of activities to work it off.  I got my exercise in during an excursion to Las Caletas, where I did stand up paddle boarding, hiking, and the highlight for me, snorkeling!  All I can say is WOW.  The best snorkel I’ve ever done! Brightly colored fish, big and small, along with schools of fish in the hundreds swimming below – I could have stayed there all day.  And of course, all of this followed by another fantastic spread of food.

If swimming in the ocean isn’t for you, no problem. There are several pools in the Crown Paradise Club and Crown Paradise Golden at your disposal all with the benefit of a tropical location. Even better, they’re all just steps away from your room and outdoor bars!  It’s paradise in so many ways.

The staff at Crown Paradise is there to make your life easy during your stay, and they do it well.  They do whatever they can to accommodate your requests and want to ensure you get the most of Crown Paradise.  For instance, one of my weaknesses during my July 4th weekend stay was their coconut ice cream available in the Bella Vista restaurant.  It wasn’t the flavor of the day on the menu, but a staff member made sure I got it anyway.  Ahhh…happy Christy.  That’s one small example of their hospitality.

I’m so thankful to be The Arch spokesperson for Funjet Vacations during this promotion and contest and I hope you’re soon able to experience a getaway as awesome as mine.  Escaping your daily grind does wonders for relieving stress allowing you to unwind and forget everything… and do… nothing.  You need it and you deserve it!

Make sure you enter to win a 4 day/3 night trip for 2 to Puerto Vallarta courtesy of Funjet Vacations in the Arch Allies Club at now through Sunday 7/13!  2 trips will be given away Monday, July 14th.

You can also get exclusive deals for your next Funjet Vacations getaway, just click the link below the contest info to learn more.