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How to make Thanksgiving more fun

You’re probably going to spend Thanksgiving with family, right?  Here’s how to make it more fun.  Do a drinking game!  For instance, when your mom apologizes for the turkey being too dry, have a drink.

When your uncle asks you to pull his finger, have a drink.

When a cousin announces he’s coming out of the closet, drink.

When your great aunt Mabel asks who you are, drink.

When there is an awkward silence, drink.

What should you drink?  That’s up to you, but I recommend Wild Turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Attention Mom, Dad

Making children wait for treats does NOT improve their self control.  Researchers studied 150 three-year-olds and had them play a self control game where they had to wait for treats.  They found that making the kids wait didn’t improve their self control.  It only made them cry.

Here’s my take.  I don’t know many three-year-olds with ANY self control.  Come to think of it, I don’t know many DJ’s with any either.

World Cup Action

The St Louis Cardinals and U.S. Soccer have released a schedule of events surrounding the U.S. Men’s National Team World Cup qualifying match against Saint Vincent and the Grenadines this Friday night at Busch Stadium.  Festivities are launched Thursday when FanHQ opens at Ballpark Village.  The party starts at 7pm with free admission and music by Feel Good Inc.

The 8th Street box office opens at 10am Friday.  At 11am, all restaurants at Ballpark Village will be open for lunch.  FanHQ features music from DJ SlantE starting at 1:30pm.  Busch Stadium gates open at 4pm, and the March to the Match begins at Market & Broadway featuring the Budweiser Clydesdales at 4:30.  Kickoff is at 5:30.


Are we becoming less social?

Recent research would say, “Yes, we are becoming less social.”  In fact, it’s social media that is actually making us less social.  In a recent survey, 87% of people admitted to missing out on a conversation because they were distracted by their smartphone.  It appears that talking face-to-face is fading away.

When should you get your kid a cell phone?

Experts say that depends on their maturity level.  Cell phones can be a big distraction at school.   But, by the time your child is a teenager, they should probably have a cell phone.  Twice as many children have cell phones now as in 2004.  Most teens – 85% from 14 to 17 have them.  So do 69% of 11 to 14 year olds, and 31% of kids aged 8 to 10.

The experts say if your child is walking home from school or participating in after school activities, a cell phone is a good way to reach you.  But when you decide to get your kid a phone, you should set some guidelines on when they can use the phone, and how many apps they can download.

Laugh an hour earlier

Starting today, we’re beginning and ending your work day with the Hour and Six Minute Commercial Free Music Sweep.  The first sweep airs at 8:50am, and the second one kicks off at 4:50pm.  So, we’re moving the Laughter at 5 After from 5:05pm to 4:05.

It means more music and earlier laughs!

People trust Apple more than the government

Researchers surveyed people all over the world to find out what companies and organizations they trust.  The conclusion is that people would rather give their personal information to a brand than to politicians.  Apple was the most trusted followed by Google and Microsoft.  Facebook finished near the bottom but ahead of the government.

Personally, I think the government is behind Facebook in order to make privacy uncool!

Can’t afford a babysitter?

You’re not alone.  Childcare now costs more than rent in a majority of states. (including Missouri and Illinois).  With more parents working, demand is way up for nannies and daycare centers.  In fact, demand is up 168% since 1990!

What does your face shape say about you?

Experts say the shape of your face says a lot about your personality.  They say people with a diamond face shape like Taylor Swift enjoy taking control and they want things a certain way.  They are also very detail oriented.  Folks with oval faces like Beyoncé are practical, methodical, and over achievers in their careers.  People with triangle-shaped faces like Kelly Osbourne tend to be artistic, creative, and sensitive but also fiery.

The shape of my face just means that I have a big head!  A jumbo dome!!