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Def Leppard & The Donald


Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell hopes the reports of Donald Trump introducing the band next month at the Iowa State Fair are untrue.  Campbell posted on his Facebook page, “I really, really, really hope that there’s no truth to this rumour.  Def Leppard have never been a political band, and if it were, I for one wouldn’t be associated with ... Read More »

My New Pink Flamingo


Mr. Featherstone, the creator/sculptor of the famous Pink Flamingo yard decoration, passed away last month (June 22, 2015) at the age of 79.  I thought about all the times I’ve seen those birds in yards…they always made me smile.  So over the weekend I go a little pink flamingo in memory of Mr. Featherstone a man I never knew but ... Read More »

Friends bombshell


Jennifer Aniston is denying that she had an affair with Matt LeBlanc while they were shooting “Friends.”  LeBlanc’s dad said that his son told him he had a relationship with Aniston when she was married to Brad Pitt, and that the two would make out in a dressing room.  The actress’ rep denied the claim saying Jen never had a ... Read More »

The Key Looks Like A Hot Wheel


I recently rode in a Tesla for the first time.  The car has a nice sleek design but wait a minute…. you get in with what?…look at that super cute key?  Is that a Hot Wheel that just matches the car for the little ones to play with?  Nope that’s the car key…fob.  I bet they get lost easy and ... Read More »

Dan Aykroyd will appear in “Ghostbusters” reboot


Dan Aykroyd, one of the original four Ghostbuster, will be in the all-female reboot.  He tweeted, “On GB set shooting my scene with funny beautiful Kristen Wiig Lady GB’s are adorable, hilarious and bad—” The tweet has been removed but Dan’s reps confirmed the news. Read More »

Liquid Courage?


Psychologists studied 364 people to see how, and how much attitudes changed after a few drinks.  They identified four drunk personalities: The Hemingway, the Nutty Professor, the Mary Poppins and the Mr. Hyde. The Hemingways are the lucky ones who change only slightly even after large quantities of alcohol.  About 4 in 10 people of both sexes fitted in this ... Read More »

Bumper Stickers

Bumper Sticker

I’m “one of those” people who would never put a bumper sticker on my car for somehow it makes me think my car will lose it’s value when it comes time to trade it in.  Who am I kidding?  I plan on driving mine until it just can’t run anymore.  I do however, enjoy reading bumper stinkers on other cars ... Read More »

The Sweet Sometimes Intense Pooface


Sometimes a baby says it all with their facial expression…especially when it comes time to let’s say “take care of business” in their diaper.  For us big kids it can  provide  entertainment until it comes time to clean them up.  Pampers has a new commercial that captures some of the funniest looks… Read More »

Dog Thinks Dad Needs A Bath Video

Stray Rescue Furbaby

Happy Friday!  I have two small dogs and they both dislike bath time so when I saw this video of a dog turning the tables on their parent I had to share. This dog has great aim with the hose too 😉   Read More »

Are You Ready to Think Christmas Tree Ornaments?

Hallmark Keepsake Christmas

For the most part I’m not ready to start thinking about Christmas yet but I was at the mall the other day and I noticed the big red Keepsake Ornament curtain and it made me wonder?  What will the collection include this year?  What will be the must have that will sell out before I get one?  So, I looked ... Read More »