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RABLOG for Monday, 02/09/15


THE BUZZ: All the cross-species friendships your cuteness receptors can handle in one video. It’s rainin’…milk? Welcome to the robot hotel. Sheep, raised by dogs now thinks she’s a dog. WATCH: Incredible video of skydivers nearly cut in half by plane. ARCH E NEWS: It wasn’t Bruce Jenner’s fault. Meet Princess Joy Villa, the worst dressed person at the Grammys ... Read More »

Steve Carell Rejected by SNL

Not only was Steve Carell rejected after auditioning for Saturday Night Live, but the same fate befell Lisa Kudrow and Stephen Colbert!  The show’s producer Lorne Michaels revealed these startling facts in “The Hollywood Reporter” in an interview about SNL’s 40th anniversary.  And when he was asked which season he’d like to do over, he chose 1985’s season 11 which ... Read More »

RABLOG for Friday, 02/06/15


THE BUZZ: The Swatch Smart Watch is coming. Now THAT’S how you handle a videobomber. So long, Radio Shack.  Where am I going to find an adapter now? Train plowing through DEEP snow. ARCH E NEWS: John Mayer and Katy Perry to perform at the Grammys.  Not together, of course. Bobby Brown breaks his silence. New movies out this weekend. ... Read More »

The First 72

I’m a fan of the TV show “The First 48.”  The premise of the show is if police investigating a homicide don’t get a solid lead in the first 48 hours, their chance of solving the murder is cut in half.  Along those lines comes a new book called “Kickstart Your Relationship Now! Move On or Move Out” by Margot ... Read More »

RABLOG for Thursday, 02/05/15


The “Where’s Ricki?” edition…. THE BUZZ: Oh, it’s just a snake with legs.  No big deal, right? YouTube adding multi-angle viewing option. “The Mountain” from “Game of Thrones” breaks 1,000 year old record! Hey, dude!  Put DOWN the phone and check out that WHALE!  ARCH E NEWS: Most of the cast of “Saved By The Bell” reunited on Jimmy Fallon ... Read More »

Which Comedian Would Make the Best President?

According to a recent poll: 1.  Stephen Colbert    19% 2.  Jon Stewart    18% 3.  Tina Fey  17% 4.  Dave Chappelle  15% 5.  Amy Poehler  5% 6.  Louis CK  5% 7.  John Oliver  2% 8.  Jay Pharaoh  2% 9.  Don’t know  18% Read More »

RABLOG for Wednesday, 02/04/15


THE BUZZ: It only took 55 years but a new Harper Lee book is on the way but not without controversy. BABY ALERT AT THE ZOO!!! Things got a little crazy at a recent beauty pageant in Brazil. Insane video of TransAsia plane crash from July that will ruin your day. ARCH E NEWS: Randy Quaid Has Resurfaced . . ... Read More »

Katy’s shot at Taylor

Weeks ago I heard that Katy Perry planned on dissing Taylor Swift during her halftime performance.  Katy didn’t say how she would pull it off, so I watched the show waiting for something obvious.  Well, it wasn’t obvious enough for me to catch it.  But fortunately, a music ( and bikini) expert friend spotted it.  Katy had her backup dancers ... Read More »

RABLOG for Tuesday, 02/03/15


THE BUZZ: So, apparently you can make potato chips in the microwave.  Why am I just learning about this? 15 inappropriate selfies. This is a compilation of what it will be like when Ricki wakes up from her surgery this week. Jimmy the Groundhog bit the mayor. ARCH E NEWS: Katy Perry’s Sharks Have Been Identified . . . And ... Read More »

Winning football leads to flu

As strange as it seems, researchers say having teams in the Super Bowl leads to a spike in flu deaths in those two cities.  Scientists analyzed the cities which had teams in the big game from 1974 – 2009 and found that having a team in the Super Bowl caused an 18% increase in flu deaths.  They say the reason ... Read More »