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RABLOG for Thursday, 01/28/15


THE BUZZ: Frank’s Final Wish. Earbuds that GLOW. Make your own milk jug water fountain. Budweiser “Lost Dog” Super Bowl Ad. The new “Fantastic Four” looks much more “fantastic” than the last one. Babies going through tunnels. ARCH E NEWS: Gwyneth Paltrow Gets Her Lady Parts Steamed Taylor Swift Has Trademarked “This Sick Beat” and Other Phrases From Her New ... Read More »

Sunday second only to Thanksgiving

Super Bowl Sunday is second only to Thanksgiving in caloric intake and advertisers are well aware.  The commercials are considered the best part by many people, including my wife, but they might not be good for your health.  A doc from US Healthworks says the ads we see encourage us to eat more and drink more during the game… and ... Read More »

RABLOG for Wednesday, 01/28/15


THE BUZZ: Doggie Yoga goes awry. Zombie Cat. Snapchat about to get more “chatty”. Apple Watch coming in April. School is Closed…the musical. ARCH E NEWS: Your Female Ghostbusters Are Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones Chrissy Teigen Poured Milk All Over Herself After Burning Her Body  . . . With Jalapenos Hackers Claim They Have Nude ... Read More »

RABLOG for Tuesday, 01/27/15


THE BUZZ: KFC’s new “Double Down Dog” is both amazing and frightening. Delete these words from your resume. Behold, the Lamp Post Prank. Scientists can now “un-cook” an egg.  ARCH E NEWS: Zach Galifianakis Looked Nearly Unrecognizable At SAG Awards Emma Stone’s face after she tripped Naomi Watts at the SAG awards is priceless. Is Kylie Jenner Pregnant and Dropping ... Read More »

RABLOG for Monday, 01/26/15


THE BUZZ: Fighting Illini waterboy has to suit up and play. Bill Nye the Science Guy doesn’t believe Bill Belichick either. East Coast on “Mega-Super, Holy Crap, Here It Comes, AAAAAAAHHHHHHH, Storm Mode”. 100 year old pictures found frozen in a block of ice in Antarctica. Monday got y0u down? Just “Shake It Off”, 1988 style. MORE STORIES FROM THE ... Read More »

RABLOG for Friday, 01/23/15


THE BUZZ: Fishermen catch super-rare, ancient shark…then kill it.  Nice work, fellas. Another year of bad lip reading in the books for the NFL. It’s time for the Puppy Bowl XI Pre-Game Show. Little old lady in North Dakota does a critical review of the local McDonald’s.  ARCH E NEWS:  OUCH!!! Watch Will Ferrell Hit a Cheerleader in the Head ... Read More »

Almost Stealing

The Arch Online Auction ends tonight and it’s loaded with deals so good you’ll be tempted to look over your shoulder when placing a bid.  But there is one item that has really caught my attention.  It’s a home entertainment package from The Sound Room with a retail value of almost $6,000, and you could get it for just $1,750!  ... Read More »

RABLOG for Thursday, 01/22/15


The Buzz: You should probably clear out those old texts.  Here’s why. The funny stories behind pet names. (WARNING: Some NSFW language) Turns out, Jessie J can sing really good with her mouth closed. Dude turns his house into a giant ball pit to prank his wife. MORE STORIES FROM THE SHOW: A lady misses her ferry by 5 minutes ... Read More »

Need a Fake Date for Valentine’s Day?

There’s an app for that.  Yes, it seems as if there’s an app for everything.  Now, there’s an app that helps you fake a relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend.  The Invisible Boyfriend or Girlfriend app lets users pay for “believable social proof” that they’re in a relationship.  The app generates everything from photos, to text messages and even actual ... Read More »

RABLOG for Wednesday, 01/21/15


The Buzz 25 gifts for under $25. 7 old video games that are now worth big bucks including one that’s worth $20,000!!! What is one secret your parents can never know? (WARNING: some NSFW answers) Uh, are we supposed to believe that’s a real baby?   Read More »