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People trust Apple more than the government


Researchers surveyed people all over the world to find out what companies and organizations they trust.  The conclusion is that people would rather give their personal information to a brand than to politicians.  Apple was the most trusted followed by Google and Microsoft.  Facebook finished near the bottom but ahead of the government. Personally, I think the government is behind ... Read More »

Can’t afford a babysitter?


You’re not alone.  Childcare now costs more than rent in a majority of states. (including Missouri and Illinois).  With more parents working, demand is way up for nannies and daycare centers.  In fact, demand is up 168% since 1990! Read More »

Paul McCartney had “Say Say Say” Remixed

Production board

It’s hard to believe Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson released “Say Say Say” 30 years ago.  Thought you would enjoy the remix and the new video to go along with as well as the original…   Read More »

What does your face shape say about you?


Experts say the shape of your face says a lot about your personality.  They say people with a diamond face shape like Taylor Swift enjoy taking control and they want things a certain way.  They are also very detail oriented.  Folks with oval faces like Beyoncé are practical, methodical, and over achievers in their careers.  People with triangle-shaped faces like Kelly ... Read More »

The Mouse Joins The Force

R2D2 and Mickey Mouse

The creative Pistol Shrimp crew has put together a mashup of Disney movies and Star Wars The Force Awakens.  It’s cute and it makes you wonder what if they did include Jasmine in Star Wars?  😉     Read More »

Larry the Cable Guy live


The We’ve Been Thinking Tour featuring Larry the Cable Guy and Jeff Foxworthy opens in Kansas City tomorrow night, and lands at Peabody Opera House for two shows on Friday, October 30th.  To celebrate this bodacious blue collar occasion, Larry the Cable Guy will be doing what he does best in today’s Laughter at 5 After live!  Be sure to check ... Read More »

Famous Leg Lamp Sighting

Leg Lamp Christmas Story

Is it ever to early to proudly display the “leg lamp?”  Not if it’s the famous one from the movie “A Christmas Story.”  Last night (September 30th) while driving in Sunset Hills, MO my mom yelled out from the passenger seat…”leg lamp!”  Of course I had to see if for myself and so did my boyfriend who was also in ... Read More »



A recent bride sent a wedding guest a bill for $75 after she didn’t turn up for the reception.  The bill came with a note saying, “This cost reflects the amount paid by the bride and groom for meals that were RSVP’d for.  Reimbursement and explanation for no-show, card, call or text would be appreciated.” Jessica Baker was getting ready ... Read More »

Toy Hall of Fame Finalists


I love this time of year…when The National Toy Hall of Fame decides which toy will be inducted.  Here is the list of nominees… 1. American Girl dolls 2. Battleship 3. Coloring book 4. Jenga 5. PLAYMOBIL 6. Puppet 7. Scooter 8. Super Soaker 9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 10. Top 11. Twister 12. Wiffle Ball I’m a fan of ... Read More »

Billy knows about Christie’s new BF


Billy Joel was in concert at Madison Square Garden the other night and while onstage, he made a crack about his second wife Christie Brinkley.  After playing “The Longest Time,” one of his anthems about Christie, Billy said, “And now she’s dating John Mellencamp.” John and Christie were spotted having dinner together recently in New York City.  No one knows ... Read More »