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New book about Lorde

Lorde is only 17 years old but there’s already a book about her and it was written by a New York Times best-selling author, no less.  “Lorde: Your Heroine – How This Young Feminist Broke All The Rules And Succeeded” was written by Marc Shapiro.  He said that the “intriguing thing about writing about Lorde is that she is so ... Read More »

Most common themes of music

Researchers recently studied 50 years’ worth of hit songs to identify key themes for marketers to use to make ads that will connect with audiences.  They made a list of every song that hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 between 1960 and December, 2009.  Then they used a computer program to run tests on the lyrics for all those ... Read More »

It’s vasectomy month

Lots of men choose to have a vasectomy this time year.  Care to guess why?  Hoops!  Men decide to have the procedure during March Madness so they can sit on the couch and watch games instead of doing chores.  A typical vasectomy takes 30 minutes to an hour and it usually takes two or three days to recuperate.  One clinic ... Read More »

Talk of the Town – THIS WEEK – Bright Side STL

This week on Talk of the Town I’m joined by Mary Lou Green, Executive Director of Bright Side St. Louis.   Bright Side’s mission is to enrich and beautify St. Louis by restoring, maintaining and growing our shared community landscape.   Providing graffiti cleaning, neighborhood clean up support and much more.   Learn more about Bright Side St. Louis at or listen ... Read More »

Top TV bars

1.  Cheers, “Cheers” – Based on the real-life Boston pub The Bull and Finch, Cheers was the centerpiece for the NBC show which ran from 1982 to 1993. 2.  Bada Bing, “The Sopranos” – It was the place Tony and his crew hung out on the HBO show.  The real place is named Satin Dolls.  It had a shrine to ... Read More »

Celebrate Fitness 2014!


106.5 The Arch had a blast at this year at Celebrate Fitness 2014 at Washington University! If you were not apart of the action then make sure you come out next year for a day of healthy fun! About Celebrate Fitness 2014 Celebrate Fitness is a ninety-minute fitness workshop for men and women held at the Washington University Athletic Complex. ... Read More »

Goodbye Newman?

Nope.  It was just a rumor.  Newman from Seinfeld is NOT dead.  Wayne Knight is alive and well despite widespread rumors of his death in an automobile accident near the Pennsylvania/New York state line.  He tweeted, “Some of you will be glad to hear this; others strangely disappinted, but I am alive and well.”  He also tweeted, “Does someone have ... Read More »

Spring Nail Polish Trends: Think Easter Egg.

The Pantone Color of 2014 is called Radiant Orchid, sort of a bright lavender. Very pretty for nail polish or your walls! You’ll see the Pantone color everywhere, I’ve seen it in the paint section at home improvement stores. Here are more gorgeous nail polish color trends. Get creative! ~Christy Read More »

Talk of the Town – THIS WEEK – Little Patriots Embraced

This week on Talk of the Town I’m joined by Carol Watanabe, Founder and Executive Director of Little Patriots Embraced.   Carol brings with her the Program Director of Little Patriots Embraced, Sarah Roberts. Little Patriots Embraced has a mission to enhance the lives of our Military Families in need… While their loved one is protecting our freedom. The organization has ... Read More »

Latest hip baby names

Expectant parents, if you want your baby-t0-be to have a name that’ll rank them among the cool kids of their generation, here they are. 1.  Ines – Spanish and French roots 2.  Leontine – A formal unique ring to it 3.  Persephone – Anything but ordinary 4.  Cordis – Edgy and obscure 5.  Glory – Like Gloria but better 6.  ... Read More »