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THE BUZZ: Nature documentary gets special effect treatment and it’s pretty awesome. A shooting range wants to start serving alcohol.  What could go wrong? ARCH E NEWS: Dustin Diamond Is Going to Jail for Stabbing a Guy Will Ferrell Gave Best Man Speeches for Couples He Didn’t Know, and It Got Pretty Wild Kim Kardashian Addresses Boy Embryo Rumors St. ... Read More »

An Action Plan To Take Your Dog To Work

B and C in Batmobile

Tomorrow (6/26) is Take Your Dog To Work Day…but will your boss let you?  Many companies have strict rules when it comes to our fur babies following us to work.  If your having trouble convincing the higher ups here is a helpful action plan to make it happen.  Let us know how it goes and good luck   click here Read More »

“Magic Mike” A Children’s Movie?

Sherry Farmer_Thumbnail

Channing Tatum was recently on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and together they acted out scenes written by children about what they thought the “Magic Mike” movie was about.  Perhaps someday “Magic Mike” will be turned into a superhero or cartoon but until then you’ll have to settle for “Magic Mike XXL” in theatres starting July 1st. Read More »

RABLOG for Thursday, 06/25/15


THE BUZZ: Cat scares bear. St. Louis loves the U.S. Women’s World Cup team. ARCH E NEWS: Jon Hamm Talks St. Louis Cardinals Scandal With Jimmy Kimmel MORE FROM THE SHOW: “Fo’ Shizzle” and “Hot Mess” Were Just Added to the Oxford English Dictionary Read More »

RABLOG for Wednesday, 06/24/15


THE BUZZ: Kids invent color changing condom. Dad catches foul ball while feeding infant son. ARCH E NEWS: Did Young Anakin Skywalker Assault His Mother Before Leading Cops on a High-Speed Chase? Dash Cam Video of high speed chase HERE Paranormal Activity’ trailer MORE FROM THE SHOW: Camping Is the Least Popular Type of Vacation Read More »

RABLOG for Tuesday, 06/23/15


THE BUZZ: McDonald’s LOVES to rap! House cat stands up to mountain lion. ARCH E NEWS: Pentatonix Covers 25 Michael Jackson Songs in Five Minutes President Obama Said the N-Word   MORE FROM THE SHOW: A Woman Spent Four Days in the Hospital Because Her Skinny Jeans Were Too Tight For adults only: Sexy, boozy summer sleep-away camp Read More »

RABLOG for Monday, 06/22/15


THE BUZZ: Old house smushed between giant modern buildings. Viral photo of cop who sang with toddler who survived car accident that killed her father Toddlers with Potty Mouths – HERE – WARNING: This video features children cussing NSFW  ARCH E-NEWS A Vin Diesel “Kojak” Movie Is on the Way An Agreement Between Marvel and Sony Said Spider-Man Had to ... Read More »

RABLOG for Friday, 06/19/15


THE BUZZ: Softball team poses in Elsa dresses for picture. Major Leaguer benched for using Instagram during a game. A woman will appear on the $10 bill ARCH E NEWS: Brian Williams Is Being Banished to MSNBC, and His Salary Has Been Slashed (RUMOR)… Miley Cyrus is dating a model…a Victoria’s Secret model Check Out Some Pictures from the New ... Read More »

RABLOG for Thursday, 06/18/15


THE BUZZ: Woman announces her divorce on her truck. What if Jurassic World was done with wiener dogs? Get paid $55,000 a year to paint your nails. ARCH E NEWS: Brian Williams Is Expected to Stay at NBC . . . But Not As an Anchor Did Donald Trump Pay Actors to Be at His Campaign Announcement? A Guitarist Does ... Read More »

RABLOG for Wednesday, 06/17/15


THE BUZZ: Meet Matilda, the alien cat. Bride close to tears while her new husband gives her a drunken lap dance. Airport staff took a kid’s lost toy on an adventure. ARCH E NEWS: Donald Trump is Running for President Blanket Jackson Changed His Name to “Bigi” Because the Name Blanket Is “Stupid” Madonna Is Releasing a Video with a ... Read More »