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#SNlisten – Kids Injuring Parents

Brando got an injury from his baby son August which prompted Spencer to tell the story of how he hurt his mother on accident. Nobody’s story compared to Gage from Festus and what he did to his father…     Read More »

Iced In? Try This Netflix Trick

With the cold icy weather headed our way, most of us will be iced in…use these secret Netflix tips to beat the weather!         Read More »

April’s Lunchtime Link

Order up! The Lunchtime Link on 106-5 The Arch! Aprils Lunchtime Link Weekdays at 11:45a, April will play three songs with one common theme “linking” them together!  Figure out the common theme and call in to win lunch at Walnut Grill for two! Walnut Grill is locally owned in Ellisville and O’Fallon Missouri! Check out the menu here!     Read More »

At Work Artist of the Day

  The Arch “At Work Artist of the Day” has returned!  You never know what you’ll hear next at work,” and that pays 500 dollars three times a day!  When you hear the “At Work Artist of the Day” every Tuesday and Thursday at 9am, 1pm, and 4pm, be the 106th caller to win 500 bucks instantly!  Check here to find what ... Read More »

How is your resolution going?

We are four days into 2017 and my New Year’s Resolution is pretty much shot.    Hopefully you are having more luck than I.    Maybe I can just blame it on STL?   According to WalletHub, we are #80 on their list of best and worst cities for keeping your New Year’s resolutions: What resolution are you having the most trouble ... Read More »

How To Make The Most Of Your Cold Weekend

The weather outside is looking to be frightful these next couple of days and if you’re a parent with kids, you may need to find ways to entertain that AREN’T TV or video games. With a high on Sunday of only 18 degrees, avoid cabin fever . You and your child can stay entertained with a few fun experiments directed just ... Read More »

Veterans Day

On this Veteran’s Day and every day I am so thankful for my freedom and the sacrifices that have been made to give me this gift.   I am a proud military daughter and sister!     My favorite Vet: I try to take in the Veterans Day breakfast with my daddy anytime that I can.   I am very proud of him, and ... Read More »

2,000 Cards For The Troops

Thousands of troops will be spending their holidays in the hospital recovering, many in our own backyard. Spencer’s Neighborhood wants to send TWO THOUSAND letters to those brave men & women to let them know that they aren’t alone and are appreciated. Before December 7th, drop the cards off at the station, whenever The Arch is on the go, or call Spencer’s ... Read More »