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High School Reunion Weekend on 106.5 The Arch

Where did you go to High School? It’s one of the most popular questions in St. Louis! So to help spark those glory days, 106.5 The Arch is bringing you a High School Reunion Weekend! Every hour this weekend (10/14-10/16), we’ll feature a 6 song-block from a specific year! Listen for the year you graduated High School and we’ll play ... Read More »

Just A Few Quick Links

Here are just a few quick stories today to help clear the brain fog from the weekend: More Lady Gaga news. This time she may wind up fronting Queen…wait, what!?! Duran Duran’s bassist John Taylor getting ready to pen his memoir. Green Day’s Billy Joe Armstrong to hit TV; briefly anyway. Picture from Read More »

More Gaga

Well, if you don’t already know enough about Lady Gaga, then you’ll have a chance to learn more about her soon enough! Lifetime has decided that LG will be getting her very own biopic. The film, Fame Monster: The Lady Gaga Story, is still in the early stages, but should be out later this year. I’m not sure if covering ... Read More »

Adele Cancels Rest of Tour

I must admit, it surprised me when Adele had recovered so quickly from vocal strain earlier this year. Well, now we know that it really wasn’t enough time. Sadly, she has had to cancel the last 10 dates on her current US tour; due to a vocal hemorrhage. This time it’s serious, and if she doesn’t recover properly she could ... Read More »

Halftime Talk Already

The NFL has only, just wrapped up week four, and rumors about the Super Bowl Halftime Show are beginning to set the internet ablaze. This year’s number one prospect (thus far) is Madonna. She definitely has the star power to rock out Lucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis), but I’m not really sure that’s her kind of gig these days. She will ... Read More »

Go Cards!

I am so stoked about the Cardinals going to the postseason! Even with all the excitement there are still other things, related to the Cardinals, which need our attention. For the eighth time Albert Pujols has received the team’s nod for the Roberto Clemente Award. He’s already won once, back in 08′, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve to ... Read More »