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Another pair bites the dust

I am hard on headphones.    And cars.    And pretty much everything. This would be the loss of a second pair this year: I need to be a little easier on these things. It will be summer before we know it and if you are looking for some great activities for the kids The Human Society is offering their Kids for ... Read More »

An amazing race weekend and National Pet Day

I had an AMAZING time on the Randolph County Amazing Race over the weekend (with the exception of having to eat the canned spinach) and want to give a lot of kudos to the organizers of the event.    Along the route of stops and tasks I ran into an old friend I almost forgot about: Our team “Team Awesome” took ... Read More »

Amazing Race and a New Name

The weather in St. Louis looks GORGEOUS over the next few days!    I am excited to head a bit out of the city to Randolph County in the 618 to participate in their “Amazing Race around Randolph County” on Saturday.   Luckily, this race does not involve any running on my part, but several stops and “tasks”.   It benefits ... Read More »

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! It is actually the eve of my favorite holiday…….Feb 15th 50% off chocolate day!  This is an annual tradition.   I will treat myself to a gigantic assorted box ‘O chocolates. When I can eat out and help out a good cause, well that could be my favorite ever!     Papa Johns will donate a portion of their heart ... Read More »

Dine Out – Help Out

One of the things I love most about St. Louis is all of the amazing people, volunteers, workers, and wonderful Lou’ans I get to meet every day.    St. Louis loves to hold events where you can EAT and help out a great cause at the same time.   And St. Louis, I love that about you.    We all eat right?   So ... Read More »

Superfood and my pen OCD

I suffer from pen OCD, it is actually getting a little bit out of control. Pens must match in color, and be arranged as such.   I have to use certain pens at work, I have certain pens I use at home for certain things, and others are REALLY special for taking notes. Anyone else suffer from this?    Don’t touch my ... Read More »

50 Book Challenge

I have taken up the 50 Book Challenge for 2017 as you may know, but I put my own little spin on it.   I have committed to (attempting lol) to read 50 books by St. Louis authors for 2017.   So far it is going well!   I am wrapping up my 5th book, hopefully this weekend.    Thank you to Robert Fithen ... Read More »

A late Christmas present….

I had to share this with you.    This is my mommy’s Christmas cactus; one of only four of her plants that I have kept alive (amazingly) since I lost her in 2012.    It is giving me a late (or early?) bloom this year: My mom and I always had a tradition that dated back to when I was in high ... Read More »

Fell off the wagon (of sorts)

Continued my weekend painting project, which has now drug on to its third consecutive.  But I have a confession.   I figured the only way to really treat myself for all my hard work is to go completely off the wagon. I baked a pumpkin pie. Who bakes pumpkin pie in January?  This girl.   Now technically I am supposed to ... Read More »

Some do, some don’t.

I have talked to many of you who say you like the winter months.   This winter has been relatively mild, so I am not complaining a bit, but I know some are dying to see snow. I am not one of them. Neither is my Boo.  He was in his favorite winter spot this morning: I know all pet parents ... Read More »