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Stephen just wants to have fun

Stephen Colbert will sing with Cyndi Lauper tonight (12/17) as part of Christmas Carols Week on The Colbert Report.  Scottish-American actor Alan Cumming will also join the sing-a-long tonight.  Colbert has become known for his holiday-themed segments since his show premiered in 2005.  The Colbert Report airs Monday through Thursday on Comedy Central. Read More »

Gaga on the tube

Lady Gaga will perform on the two-hour season finale of The Voice on NBC this coming Tuesday.  Gaga won’t be the only big name to sing.  Celine Dion, OneRepublic and Ne-Yo will also be featured, and other performers will be announced soon.  The show will  reveal the latest winner of the singing competition. Read More »

Light it up

Beginning tomorrow night, December 12th, the St Louis Science Center will light up the McDonnell Planetarium with a state-of-the-art LED system.  It will illuminate the iconic building in stunning colors on a nightly basis for the first time in almost four years.  The new LED system will provide a 70 percent reduction in energy compared to the old lighting system. Read More »

Katy opens up

In the January issue of Marie Claire, Katy Perry talks about everything from her romance with John Mayer to her divorce with Russell Brand and her relationship with her parents.  She admitted that even thought her split with Brand was painful, she’s been getting her confidence back now that she’s dating Mayer, who she calls her “fantastic partner.”  She revealed ... Read More »

Adam is addicted

Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine is addicted… not to drugs or booze, but to Candy Crush.  He admitted he even went to extremes with his supermodel fiancee, Behati Prinsloo, in order to play it.  Levine said, “It’s a recent obsession.  It’s pretty intense.  Behati was sleeping the other night, and it was on her phone and not mine.  This is ... Read More »

How to throw a good party

According to pop life online columnist Liz Tracy, here are the essentials for a party in which everyone has a good time. 1.  Beer.  Lots of beer.  Cheap beer is ok because quantity is more important than quality.  Make  BYOB voluntary. 2.  Chips.  Don’t worry about fancy finger foods.  Just open a bag of Doritos.  Someone will make a Taco ... Read More »

Top Searches on Bing for 2013

1.  Beyonce; 2. Kim Kardashian; 3. Rihanna; 4. Taylor Swift; 5. Madonna; 6. Biebs; 7. Nicki Minaj; 8. Amanda Bynes; 9. Miley; 10.  Barack Obama. BTW Beyonce is coming to Scottrade Center Saturday, December 14th and you can win tix today with Christy between 10 – 3. Read More »

Unforeseen Holiday Consequence

According to Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor, half of women risk unwanted pregnancy during Christmas.  It’s because they forget to take their birth control pill over the holidays.  Hectic holiday schedules and an increase in drinking are to blame for forgetting to take a contraceptive.  Other reasons for not taking the pill include forgetting to pack it when traveling or being ... Read More »

Even big stars get morning sickness

Yes, it can happen to anyone.  Anyone who’s pregnant that is!  An expecting Kelly Clarkson is having issues with morning sickness.  She said, “I don’t know why they call it morning sickness.  That’s my big joke right now.  It’s like all day and all night.  But I am super-excited to be pregnant.  I’m just looking forward to the second trimester.” Read More »

Happy Thanksgiving is her name

I’m not making this up.  A woman in Minnesota is named Happy Thanksgiving Reynolds.  She said her “hippie” parents gave her the unusual name because (of course) she was born on Thanksgiving 43 years ago.  Happy Thanksgiving Reynolds has learned to love her name, which she described as an “unintentional gift.”  She has gotten job interviews just because employers were ... Read More »