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Need a Fake Date for Valentine’s Day?

There’s an app for that.  Yes, it seems as if there’s an app for everything.  Now, there’s an app that helps you fake a relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend.  The Invisible Boyfriend or Girlfriend app lets users pay for “believable social proof” that they’re in a relationship.  The app generates everything from photos, to text messages and even actual ... Read More »

Time Really IS a Healer

It takes just 11 weeks to get over a break-up.  Researchers studied 155 people and found 71% of those who split in the last six months felt better after 11 weeks.  But a break-up involving married folks is a different story.  Researchers found that it takes 18 months for people to get over a divorce. Read More »

Once Popular Baby Girl Names

Megan, Jenna, Danielle, Leslie and Erin are among the ten baby names which have dramatically dropped in popularity since their heyday in the 80s.  Marissa has been the hardest hit.  After being very popular in the late 80s and early 90s, Marissa had a comeback in 2003 when “The O.C.” debuted with a character named Marissa Cooper.  But since then it ... Read More »

Care to visit Cuba?

Last month the United States and Cuba announced the revival of diplomatic relations.  As a result, travel restrictions are now less severe.  However, tourist travel is still not allowed.  The types of trips Americans can take to Cuba include family visits, journalistic activity, educational activity, professional research or professional meetings, religious activity, and public performances. Starting tomorrow, Americans can bring ... Read More »

Furniture Company Loses Big Bet

A furniture store in Ohio offered free furniture if the Ohio State Buckeyes beat Alabama and Oregon to win the national championship in college football.  The promotion ran for two weeks in December and it promised to refund the $1,999 or more that customers paid for their furniture.  Plus, the deal was only valid if Ohio State beat Oregon by ... Read More »

Would You Rather

During a game of Would You Rather on “Access Hollywood,” Billy Bob Thornton revealed he would “rather” with Jennifer Aniston, above anyone else.  This means Angelina Jolie’s ex wants to sleep with Brad Pitt’s ex. Billy Bob was asked, “Would you rather… Jennifer Aniston or Reese Witherspoon?” Without hesitation, Thornton replied, “Jennifer Aniston.”  When pressed about why, the actor jokingly ... Read More »

First Time Father at 62

Jeff Goldblum is going to be a dad for the first time at the age of 62!  The star of Jurassic Park, The Fly and Independence Day made the announcement last week as a guest on The Late Show with David Letterman.  He said his wife Emilie is three months pregnant and is expecting a boy.  Emilie is 31 and ... Read More »

Ridiculous but True Facts

1.  Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. 2.  Betty White is older than sliced bread. 3.  If the timeline of our planet was compressed into one year, humans wouldn’t show up until December 31st at 11:58pm. 4.  France last used the guillotine to execute someone after Star Wars premiered. 5.  A human could swim through the arteries of a whale. ... Read More »

BIG Burger

From the Because We’re Not Fat Enough Department, the Green Bay Packers will offer a 3.5 pound hamburger at this Sunday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys.  The “Big Game Burger” will have a mix of ground bacon, venison and angus beef.  It’ll be topped with a cheese blend, 6 slices of jalapeno smoked bacon, a secret sauce and served on ... Read More »

Now You Can Delete a Bad Text

A new app will let you get rid of those embarrassing texts you wished you never sent.  Strings was developed by a Seattle-based company, and it gives you the ability to permanently delete a text from your phone AND any phone you sent it to.  The app also requires your friends to ask your permission before downloading any photos or ... Read More »