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It’s vasectomy month

Lots of men choose to have a vasectomy this time year.  Care to guess why?  Hoops!  Men decide to have the procedure during March Madness so they can sit on the couch and watch games instead of doing chores.  A typical vasectomy takes 30 minutes to an hour and it usually takes two or three days to recuperate.  One clinic ... Read More »

Top TV bars

1.  Cheers, “Cheers” – Based on the real-life Boston pub The Bull and Finch, Cheers was the centerpiece for the NBC show which ran from 1982 to 1993. 2.  Bada Bing, “The Sopranos” – It was the place Tony and his crew hung out on the HBO show.  The real place is named Satin Dolls.  It had a shrine to ... Read More »

Goodbye Newman?

Nope.  It was just a rumor.  Newman from Seinfeld is NOT dead.  Wayne Knight is alive and well despite widespread rumors of his death in an automobile accident near the Pennsylvania/New York state line.  He tweeted, “Some of you will be glad to hear this; others strangely disappinted, but I am alive and well.”  He also tweeted, “Does someone have ... Read More »

Latest hip baby names

Expectant parents, if you want your baby-t0-be to have a name that’ll rank them among the cool kids of their generation, here they are. 1.  Ines – Spanish and French roots 2.  Leontine – A formal unique ring to it 3.  Persephone – Anything but ordinary 4.  Cordis – Edgy and obscure 5.  Glory – Like Gloria but better 6.  ... Read More »


Facebook posts are contagious.  Researchers looked at more than a billion anonymous status updates among more than 10 million Facebook users across the United States.  They found negative posts spawn negative posts while positive posts generate positive ones.  The study also found that positive posts are more likely to spread. Read More »

Juan Pablo says No to promos

After ticking everyone off, “Bachelor” star Juan Pablo says he won’t do any post-season publicity for the show.  Sources connected with the show said Pablo refused to appear on “Good Morning America” Tuesday, and made it clear he was done with publicity for the show.  A source from Warner Bros. says that’s just fine with them, because they think his ... Read More »

Five second rule exists

One of life’s mysteries has been solved!  The five second food rule is real.  Researchers found that food picked up just a few seconds after being dropped is less likely to contain bacteria than if it is left for longer periods of time.  They also surveyed people about the rule: 87% of people said they would eat food dropped on ... Read More »

What people say at work vs what they mean

1.  “Breakout session”  We will sit in a room and repeat very dull ideas. 2.  “In this brainstorm, there are no bad ideas”  This brainstorm will be nothing but bad ideas. 3.  “Could you put this in an email”  Which I will ignore. 4.  “By mutual agreement”  The boss thinks… 5.  “We’ve brought in a consultant”  Everyone is about to ... Read More »

Miley vs Katy

Just days after Katy Perry went on Australian TV and joked about Miley Cyrus’ tongue, Miley fired back on Twitter and commented on Katy’s ex, John Mayer.  You may have heard that after Katy was asked what it was like to kiss Miley during her Bangerz! concert in L.A., she said, “God knows where that tongue has been.  We don’t ... Read More »

Rumor is that he cheated

By now you’ve heard that Katy Perry and John Mayer have broken up… again.  Now come reports claiming he cheated.  According to Star magazine, Katy ended the romance when she found out about John’s relationship with 24-year-old SoulCycle instructor Lauren McHale.  John and Lauren met at a bar in Los Angeles last year and he went back to her house ... Read More »