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Jon Bon Jovi reality TV show

Rock star Jon Bon Jovi is teaming up with a bunch of entertainment bigwigs to produce a new nonfiction TV series titled “If I Wasn’t a Rock Star.”  The show will feature music stars who ditch their celebrity lifestyles to go back to their hometowns and experience the lives they may have led if they hadn’t hit the big time.  ... Read More »

Turn off your phone, get a discount

A restaurant in New York City is giving customers a discount for staying off their cellphones.  Lebro’s Restaurant is now discounting bills by 10% when families don’t use their phones during their meals on Sunday.  Customers are happy with the idea, taking to Facebook with positive posts. Meanwhile, golf fans going to the Masters this week will have to leave ... Read More »

A woman on the $20

Many are speaking out in support of changing the face of the $20 bill to include a woman who played a significant role in U.S. history.  Over 250,000 people have voted in an online poll from CNN to get the list down to these four women: Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Eleanor Roosevelt and Wilma Mankiller. The “Women on the 20s” ... Read More »

Handwritten lyrics sell for $1.2 million

Don McLean’s handwritten lyrics for “American Pie” have sold to a mystery buyer at a New York auction for $1.2 million.  McLean says he decided to sell the 18-page manuscript on a whim, and included handwritten notes and deletions from the 1971 hit that was a cultural anthem for a “generation lost in space.”  McLean said the manuscript would shed ... Read More »

How to make money off your ex’s stuff

The website, Never Liked It Anyway, lets you sell all the stuff around that reminds you of your ex.  The most expensive item that has been sold on the site so far is a diamond ring that went for $18,500.  But you can also pick up a Mr Deeds DVD for $5.  The site also allows you to vent about ... Read More »

Monica on The View?

Retired news legend Barbara Walters is pushing ABC to hire former White House intern Monica Lewinsky to join “The View.”  A network source says Walters has been like a godmother to Lewinsky since their big interview in 1999, and she thinks Monica would be a “runaway success” on the show. If Lewinsky becomes a regular on the show, it’s unlikely ... Read More »

Trapeze Anyone?

I know what day it is, but this is legit.  The Flying Trapeze Center operated by Circus Harmony opens for business tonight at Union Station.  The trapeze rig is under the shed near the Hard Rock Café.  The center will offer in-depth trapeze classes for all ages, one-time trial flights and shows by professional trapeze artists. Wednesday through Friday class ... Read More »

Fat Pets

It’s common knowledge that America is an overweight nation.  Now comes word that our pets are too.  A new report has found that 58% of cats are overweight and dogs aren’t far behind at 53%.  The issue is that most pet owners with obese pets think their dog or cat is actually at a healthy weight.  It’s important to ask ... Read More »

Cheating is good for you

Cheating on your diet could actually be a good thing.  Experts say whey you constantly restrict your eating, your levels of a hormone that both keeps you feeling full and helps rev your metabolism begin to fall.  To help fight this, they say you should cheat on your diet… but only once per week. My advice is to schedule your ... Read More »

Now Hiring

If you don’t win the $30,000 in Free Money and you don’t have a job, you may be interested in the Hollywood Casino Job Fair tomorrow.  It’ll be held at the Holiday Inn Express Riverport located at 13175 Riverport Drive from 10am to 2pm.  Venue management will be on hand interviewing job seekers and taking applications.  Positions available include security, ... Read More »