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Inside Ricki -A Diary-ish thing: Gia DNA

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GIA DNA – Gia is “going back to her roots” – I swabbed her mouth last night – I was soo excited that I think I may have compromised the sample :/… I didn’t place it in the proper sleeve before I put the sample in the envelope. I got the DNA kit from the AKC. I also talked to ... Read More »

Inside Ricki – A Diary-ish Thing: “…crack to the nether world”

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I  finally  decided to check out a spot in IL with caves. I read that the caves were closed to protect the bat population – but figured they would have trails and stuff to check out. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but it wasn’t this. After parking at the locked gate – when they mean area closed they ... Read More »

Inside Ricki-A Diary-ish Thing: Hating Life and Algebra

Funny Text Convo with my mom and sisters – Every single one of us kids had to go thru it…sitting down to do homework with Pops… UGH! It was the worst! My step-dad aka Pops – is an extremely intelligent man. Not only did he achieve many degrees – he did so after his father passed away when he was ... Read More »

Inside Ricki-A Diary-ish Thing: Office Contraband

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This Ken Bone video CRACKED ME UP – HERE Have I told you lately – that I – HATE COLD WEATHER – I have been looking into Light Therapy lights to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder. I can already feel the winter sadness creeping in. I couldn’t get warm yesterday afternoon to save my life. I had layers of tops and ... Read More »

Inside Ricki-A Diary-ish Thing: 2nd Debate Winner Ken Bone

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Ken Bone in the Neighborhood – WATCH HERE – Ken Bone reads #KenBoneFacts An adult website has made an offer to the REAL star of Sunday night’s debate, KENNETH BONE and his red sweater! More on Ken Bone What was the most ridiculous thing you’ve googled? I was talking to a friend last night and he was telling me this ... Read More »

Inside Ricki – A Diary-ish Thing: Birthday Fail

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Birthday Fail – You know how much I like cupcakes and sweets in general. So when I noticed what happened to my birthday cupcake from April  attached- I wanted to cry. I left the cupcake in my backseat when I went to the Officer Snyder event on Friday. I guess it was hot enough to MELT IT ALL. See pic ... Read More »

Inside Ricki-A Diary-ish Thing: DMV Fail

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Friday After leaving the office, I went over to the DMV to finally get my MO drivers license. The urgency came from noticing that my Wisconsin license was going to expire on my birthday Sat 10/8. And I’ve kinda been “illegal” the past few years – I lived in North Dakota AFTER Wisconsin and technically Illinois too. I was concerned ... Read More »

Inside Ricki – A Diary-ish Thing: Buttercream

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New Makeup – I went and picked out new makeup – it is very stressful for several reasons – including: it’s expensive, you never know if your skin will like it or not, and finding YOUR color isn’t easy. To combat the color choosing process – I visited a friend of my friend to get color matched. Turns out my ... Read More »

Inside Ricki – A Diary-ish Thing: Pepperoncini’s

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Pepperoncini’s suck   – GEEZ – I had a perfectly good sandwich absolutely RUINED by those nasty little guys. I know it was a “king of the hill” Italian sub – but someone tell these people that pepperoncini juice SOAKS into the bread and grosses everything out. I was soo pissed that I almost threw the whole sandwich out.  I know ... Read More »