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This Saturday is American Heart Association’s Start! Heart Walk at Busch Stadium. It is the first walk with The ARCH as a sponsor, and we want to impress them wit h the support of our loyal listeners! That means WE NEED YOU and anyone else you know to join the ARCH team. Why should you participate? Easy. Heart disease kills ... Read More »

Pictures from my How Do I Look? experience, courtesy of Style Network

Last weekend I had the phenominal privelige of flying out to LA courtesy of The Style Network for my very own How Do I Look? makeover experience. I’m typically a simple girl when it comes to fashion, mainly because I’m afraid of dressing far younger than my age should allow. How Do I Look? is the show for you if ... Read More »

The “How Do I Look?” experience.

Style Network’s How Do I Look?, is a makeover show about women who have very disorted views of what looks good and what DOES NOT. Most of us have a style that is acceptable to our friends and family, but there are a few exceptions. If you’re already a fan of the show, you’re aware of the drastic transformations that ... Read More »

Something that has affected you or someone you know…

Has heart disease affected you or someone else in your family? If the answer is yes, all the more reason to walk with us on May 14th at Busch Stadium for the American Heart Association’s Start! Heart Walk! The fun begins at 8am with a walk through beautiful downtown St. Louis with the final lap on the field of Busch ... Read More »


If you had to guess what the leading cause of death among women and men was, what would your answer be? Cancer? Think again. Actually, Heart Disease is the No. 1 killer and Stroke is the No. 3 killer of all Americans – both women and men. Heart disease is something all of us need to educate ourselves with. Statistically ... Read More »

Thursday, eat at one of these restaurants and help a great cause!

If you plan on eating out this week, make it Thursday night! 100 STL area restaurants are taking part in “Dining Out For Life,” a fundraiser for St. Louis Effort for AIDS. Over the years, the event has raised more than $2 million with all proceeds staying in STL. Click HERE for a list of the restaurants participating. Read More »


I live in Ferguson, one on the areas hardest hit by Friday’s tornados. As of today, the count was 404 homes in Ferguson alone, that were damaged or destroyed. I drove the path of the tornado last night along Chambers Rd and Elizabeth. Very heartbreaking. Gorgeous turn of the century homes that have withstood over 100 years of dangerous weather ... Read More »


Nelly fans are abuzz about a performance tonight on Washington Ave. He’ll be throwing “Nelly’s Good Friday” show at Club Amnesia and there’s another buzz that the group he started with, St. Lunatics, will be performing with him. I WISH I was brave enough (and young enough) to want to deal with the madness that will be happening on Wash ... Read More »

Lady GaGa Falls Again!

She’s becoming an expert at falling down and bouncing right back up without missing a beat. But it does make one is that possible? When you fall down while speaking, for instance, your voice gets interrupted and very noticeably. While singing, it’s pretty much impossible not to waver a bit if you jump or dance or fall. Does it ... Read More »