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Christina Aguilera making 3X other Voice judges

Apparently molding up-and-coming pop stars is a well-paid gig, especially if you’re Christina Aguilera. Sources tell “The Hollywood Reporter” that the pop star makes 225-thousand dollars per episode of NBC’s hit show “The Voice.” That’s reportedly more than fellow coaches Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton make combined. But executives say they’re willing to pay the price for ... Read More »

Third Eye Blind under the Arch?

What? When? Exactly. The band was apparently swinging through STL after a tour stop in KY, and at the last minute decided to do an impromptu “guerilla style” acoustic show sitting on the ground under the Arch last night. The only people that knew about it were their Twitter followers. They saw the Tweet and showed up not knowing what ... Read More »

HOW DO I LOOK? The new Christy

If you’re not familiar with “How Do I Look?” on Style Network, let me give you a brief outline. The show’s purpose is to bring out that sexy goddess that she once was. Some women get so caught up in taking care of the kids, the house, work, etc, that they forget to take care of themselves. They’re stuck in ... Read More »


Rock icon Joan Jett recently turned down offers to perform on American Idol and Dancing With the Stars. The appearances would have undoubtedly been lucrative pay days, but when she was asked to speak to “at risk” teens at a Washington high school, it was obvious to her what was more important. Read more…. Read More »


Are you intending on buying Lady Gaga’s new record “Born This Way?” It came out Monday to generally positive reviews. We’ve heard so much crescendo leading up to the release, I was afraid it would be all hype and no substance but it looks like some of the hype was warranted. If you still aren’t sure, tune into American Idol ... Read More »


I’m an anomoly when it comes to clothes shopping. I hate it. I’m not good at it at all! Shopping takes patience which is not one of my best qualities. You also need to know what looks good on you and what doesn’t, another problem for me. I end up getting boring clothes because I’m not sure which trends to ... Read More »


A group in LA is trying to get an NFL team back in their city, and the Rams are on their short list. Coincidently, the man in charge of the effort is a St. Louis native! No love for your home town Tim Leiweke? Some have the opinion that it is never going to happen, but this guy is willing ... Read More »

The Cicada invasion brings another invasion….

Yes, the cicada invasion is loud and very annoying, but dangerous? One of the side effects I didn’t realize was what the cicadas attract. Skakes. Copperheads to be exact. They love to eat cicadas and will go wherever they are plentiful, like your yard. Copperheads are poisonous but not life threatening to adults or large animals, they are however a ... Read More »


Bono and U2 have a global fan base, but they’ve also attracted critics on their home turf over money matters. Ireland’s “Independent” reports that a tax protest group called “Art Uncut” plans to go after U2 later this month when the band performs at Glastonbury Festival in the UK. So, what’s the beef? Protesters say the Irish band has engaged ... Read More »


Over the holiday weekend, Sauget, IL Police were alerted to a dog in severe neglect. His owner says she lost her job and couldn’t take care of it. So instead of surrendering the dog to the Humane Society or one of umpteen rescue groups like most intelligent, compassionate people would do, she decided to let it suffer horribly. Thankfully, Aaron ... Read More »