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The song “Skyfall” was released on October 5th as part of “Global James Bond Day,” celebrating the 50th anniversary of Dr. No.   Some are saying this is the best Bond theme ever.  The movie hits theaters November 9th. LISTEN Read More »

FREE Flu Shot Clinics

Get your flu shot!  If you don’t, you’ll be sorry when you’re going through a box of tissues every hour or as they say, “praying at the porcelain altar.”  Not fun, and a lot of the time avoidable.   There are many, many different strains of the flu and the flu shot doesn’t prevent all of them but it could prevent ... Read More »

Tony LaRussa Book Lauch Party!

We still love Tony LaRussa, and you can show him that love at his book release party for “One Last Strike” on September 24th Downtown at Left Bank Books from 12-5pm.  It’s not just a book signing, it’s a street party with Food, Drinks, live music and fun for every Cardinals fan, young and old.  You can buy a copy ... Read More »

The food stealer…

My dog Joey, the cutest little Boston Terrier ever, is quite the tiny little sneak.  He’s a little guy but has no fear when it comes to sneaking bites from the other dog’s food bowls.  He was a puppy mill rescue, so it’s no wonder where he got his “eat or starve” mentality.  But since feeding him Chef Michael’s Food ... Read More »

Your dog will LOVE this!

Imagine this dreamy scenario for your dog, he’s in a park, among many many squirrels, enjoying the shade and a bowl of gourmet Food for Dogs, courtesy of Chef Michael’s!  And imagine this scenario for yourself, you’re in a park, among many many squirrels, enjoying the shade and stuffing your face with umpteen different kinds of food during Tower Grove ... Read More »

Do you love your dog this much….

We all love to spoil our dogs in every way.  Some throw birthday parties complete with doggy cake and ice cream, and some cart their pooches around in strollers.  Yes, it may seem excessive.  Okay it IS excessive.  Dogs would be just as happy with a bowl full of our leftovers as they would a cake.  And don’t get me ... Read More »


Hi!  It’s Christy, I hope you can join me at the Wentzville PetSmart (Wentzville Pkwy) Saturday June 14th from 2-4.  Bring your dogs and pick up some coupons for Chef Michael’s Food for Dogs!  We’ll also be signing you up to win Chef Michael’s prize baskets along with night out to the Summerland Tour at The Family Arena.  I’ll have ... Read More »

In DESPERATE need of a home…

I have a full house of 4 dogs and 3 cats, otherwise I would foster this little guy.  Can you foster him until a forever home can be found?  He’ll be forever grateful. PLEASE FORWARD TO ALL YOUR ANIMAL LOVING FRIENDS AND FAMILY!! HAVE TO FIND THIS SWEET BOY A HOME!! Mick, a sweet border collie/heeler mix needs a foster ... Read More »

Go ahead, SPOIL your dogs!

Do  your dogs unenthusiastically walk to their bowls at dinner time—then walk away?  For some, their dog’s satisfaction at meal time is last on their list of priorities.  For those of us that love to spoil our dogs, we make sure they’re happy, often adding veggies and fish and meat to their bowls. Chef Michael’s Food for Dogs is so ... Read More »