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“HUMP DAAAAAEEEEYYYY!” commercial becoming reality for teachers.

A school in Connecticut has banned the phrase “Hump Day” after the camel voiced middle school students became a constant annoyance. “HUMP DAAAAEEEEYYY” gets them sent to the principal’s office. Not sure if “MikeMikeMikeMikeMike” is banned. The teachers have become the camel’s co-workers – so OVER IT! I’m not, still loving the camel. ~Christy Follow me on Twitter @Christy1065 ... Read More »

Mia Farrow’s son: Frank’s or Woody’s?

The question of whether or not Mia’s son Ronan is Frank Sinatra’s son or Woody Allen’s came up after her recent Vanity Fair article in which she said Frank is “possibly” Ronan’s father. For me, it didn’t become interesting until I saw the picture…. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? POSSIBLY?? No need to appear on Maury Povich, Mia. DNA test? He ... Read More »

Imo’s responds to Kimmel’s bashing

I’ll watch ANYTHING Jon Hamm is in, so of course I saw the Kimmel Imo’s bashing bit. Thanks for sticking up for peace, love and provel that is Imo’s, Jon! I agree with both of them – sort of. Jimmy is right – Imo’s is not the greatest if you get it delivered. The crispy cracker crust is floppy by ... Read More »

Gossip Tid Bits from Christy

Gretchen and Alexis have been fired from Real Housewives of Orange County. Bravo fans were apparently tiring of the same old “poor me” story. Other Housewives news: Teresa Guidice may soon be spending 50 years in prison, but she’s still working on a new contract with Bravo. Teresa and Joe will be on Watch What Happens Live with Andy on ... Read More »

Matthew McConaughey’s first line in a movie was…

Matthew McConaughey’s first line on camera was, “alright, alright, alright..” from Dazed and Confused, released 20 years ago today. A GREAT movie with some young unknown actors that are now A list like McConaughey, Ben Affleck and others that went on to star in high profile roles. Anthony Rapp for example went on to star in the long running Broadway ... Read More »

Forest Park Balloon Race Info

Balloon Race events kick off at Noon at Central Field with the Children’s Entertainment area with pony rides, games, Purina Indredible Dogs, food court. Skydivers jump at 3, 70 balloons lift off at 4:30. Parking spots are usually gone by 2 – Muny lot is closest. Metrolink to Central West End stop – 15 minute walk to Central field. FREE ... Read More »

Rock Star Guitar String Bracelets

This stuff is SO cool – rock star cool. Cooler than catching a guitar pick at a concert, you can wear a bracelet made out of the guitar strings of your favorite artists! Eric Clapton, Brian May, John Mayer, Nancy Wilson, Mick Marrs, Avril Levigne, Joan Jett, Michael Franti and so many more. A little bit pricey, but the proceeds ... Read More »

Paging Dr. Christy

Haha!  I wish I had a fraction of the brain power possessed by the amazing doctors in the Heart & Vascular Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital.  Why am I in scrubs with my co-workers Bo Matthews of WIL and Randy Karraker of 101 ESPN?  We’re part of the upcoming campaign with the American Heart Association to fight heart disease and prevent the need ... Read More »


Wow, this kid is a Cardinal fan.  Every tear in his little body streams with grief, anguish and anger.  I felt his emotional plea—with teary eyes and laughter.  We share your pain, buddy.  Just like love, baseball will break your heart. Grab a tissue and watch. Read More »


Chris Carpenter made the team hold off on celebrating their big win on Friday night until rookie home run hero Pete Kozma could pop the first cork.  They waited…and waited… and waited…   Read More »