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I, for one, am a HUGE Seahawk fan!


Meet Seahawk!  After coming back from maternity leave, Executive Director of Gateway Pet Guardians, Jamie Case decided it was time to visit St. Clair County Animal Control and save some dogs!  On the visit, standing at the edge of the kennel was a happy, tail-wagging 1 yr old mixed breed with cropped ears.  These weren’t any cropped ears, these were ... Read More »

Meet Chimmi!


Chimmi was found as a stray and brought into an animal control facility in Illinois. The facility sent out an alert that they needed all animals removed due to “building issues” and Gateway 4 Paws rescued Chimmi and two other dogs. We think Chimmi is a Rat Terrier and chihuaha mix.  She weighs just under 10 lbs and is about 4 ... Read More »

Help Stella Get Her Groove Back!


Meet Stella!  She’s approximately 4 years old and a mixed breed.  Her age and breed aren’t known exactly because she was dumped at a high kill animal shelter after she had puppies.  Stella was saved from euthanasia on Christmas Eve of 2012.  She had given birth recently but her puppies were nowhere to be found.  The puppies properly weaned and ... Read More »

[ADOPTED] Meet Scrappy…he’s super cute!


Hey everyone!  My name is Scrappy and I am a 6 year old Yorkie/Australian Terrier mix.  I am small… weighing only 6 pounds, but am full of energy.  My foster mom says I have jumping beans in me because I can jump high in hopes of getting into your arms for a little snuggling or to give you kisses.  There ... Read More »

Home made face scrub recipe – LOVE this!

Face scrub is something I will not go without. A minimum of 2X a weeks does wonders for your skin. Work up to doing it everyday and you’ll transform your skin. I found this EASY home made recipe. Much cheaper (and gentler) than store bought. Try it! Recipe is on my Twitter page. Follow me! Enjoy! ~Christy Read More »

Did you know there’s a pet food pantry for the needy in STL?

Many families struggling financially find it hard to feed their families, let alone feed their pets. In many of these situations, loved pets are surrendered for adoption. Heartbreaking. Thankfully, Bi State Pet Food Pantry is there to help. Recently, PURINA donated 26,000 lbs of food to BSPFP – but they always need more! 26K lbs. only lasts for about 2 ... Read More »

The rumored reason Charlie dropped 50 Shades

His reps claimed he dropped out of the project (hitting theaters next August) because of scheduling conflicts with his role on Sons of Anarchy. Now the true reason may simple come down to money. He was reportedly only being paid $125,000 to play Christian Grey!! Yes, not chicken scratch to you and me, but in Hollywood…..chicken scratch. Not to mention ... Read More »

Friends for your pets!

Dogs need buddies. Having a friend can make them more playful, less anxious and happier in general. There are thousands of homeless pets in the STL – one of them would be a great friend to you and your pet! Adopt from one of several rescues at Chesterfield Mall this weekend. ~Christy Read More »

“HUMP DAAAAAEEEEYYYY!” commercial becoming reality for teachers.

A school in Connecticut has banned the phrase “Hump Day” after the camel voiced middle school students became a constant annoyance. “HUMP DAAAAEEEEYYY” gets them sent to the principal’s office. Not sure if “MikeMikeMikeMikeMike” is banned. The teachers have become the camel’s co-workers – so OVER IT! I’m not, still loving the camel. ~Christy Follow me on Twitter @Christy1065 ... Read More »

Mia Farrow’s son: Frank’s or Woody’s?

The question of whether or not Mia’s son Ronan is Frank Sinatra’s son or Woody Allen’s came up after her recent Vanity Fair article in which she said Frank is “possibly” Ronan’s father. For me, it didn’t become interesting until I saw the picture…. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? POSSIBLY?? No need to appear on Maury Povich, Mia. DNA test? He ... Read More »