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Signs of Spring in STL

Opening Day is less that two weeks away.    The first day of Spring brought record highs to St. Louis.    To say that I have spring fever would be an understatement.   I have been in St. Louis for five years now and I have learned to look for all the signs of spring that are exclusive to my beloved city: -River ... Read More »

50 Book Challenge….Update!

Vacation time is upon us again!    I know that some of you are like me and you enjoy a little book time on your vacay so I wanted to take a minute to make a reading suggestion for your “de-stress curl up with a book time”. I recently finished the second in Chesterfield author Cindy Lynch’s “Bye for Now” trilogy ... Read More »

He Shed She Shed

I can’t say enough wonderful things about the She Shed designed by the Design class at Stevens Institute of Business and Arts! Judy and her students designed a first class “backyard oasis” that I would love to relax in.     Both the “She Shed” and Brando’s “He Shed” were on display over the weekend at the St. Louis Builders Home show.    ... Read More »

If you don’t like the weather….

You know the rest.  We live in St. Louis right?    I will admit I have been spoiled this year with the warmer temps and early spring.   I know some who will disagree, and I also know it is wreaking some havoc on allergy season. But I still love it. What I don’t love is on the way.   75 today, 43 ... Read More »

Smart Phones and Weather

My much loved HTC smartphone went completely out on me a few days ago.   NO warning whatsoever.   Just working one minute, totally done the next.   This all happened about 7:45 on a weeknight of course.    BIG thanks to Josh and the staff at the South County ATT store, that stayed late to help me grab a new one. My Boo ... Read More »

Storm pics from my phone

Started off the storm chase yesterday across the river and pretty much followed the bigger cells on Route 3.     Thought I would share some pics from my phone: Prior to tornado warning, these were in Monroe and Randolph Counties in Illinois. Snapped this just before the Tornado warning was issued in Perry County, MO.  The sky had the most interesting ... Read More »

Mardi Gras – Scenes from my phone

My favorite Parade entry! So beautiful! Had such a GREAT time with the Arch crew in the parade, but Zeus was the biggest hit of the day of course! Hope you had a wonderful Mardi Gras Weekend!   Now to plan trips to all the best Fish Fry’s in St. Louis! -April Read More »

Another pair bites the dust

I am hard on headphones.    And cars.    And pretty much everything. This would be the loss of a second pair this year: I need to be a little easier on these things. It will be summer before we know it and if you are looking for some great activities for the kids The Human Society is offering their Kids for ... Read More »

An amazing race weekend and National Pet Day

I had an AMAZING time on the Randolph County Amazing Race over the weekend (with the exception of having to eat the canned spinach) and want to give a lot of kudos to the organizers of the event.    Along the route of stops and tasks I ran into an old friend I almost forgot about: Our team “Team Awesome” took ... Read More »

Amazing Race and a New Name

The weather in St. Louis looks GORGEOUS over the next few days!    I am excited to head a bit out of the city to Randolph County in the 618 to participate in their “Amazing Race around Randolph County” on Saturday.   Luckily, this race does not involve any running on my part, but several stops and “tasks”.   It benefits ... Read More »