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The Casey Kasem Family Drama – Chapter 14

I imagine Casey Kasem is somewhere listening to the radio, enjoying the afterlife. His family on the other hand, acts as if they’re taping a reality show. The new battle has begun over his burial location. His daughter says his wish was to be buried at Oak Lawn – cemetery to the stars – in LA. His wife Jean is planning to move to Norway and now has him in Oslo, preparing to lay him to rest. Is Jean the one who’s wrong here or is it the family? I’m so confused.  What I do know, is this is nowhere close to coming to a conclusion.  ~Christy

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  1. My mother and paternal grandmother argued the same “idea” about my father’s burial when I was 10 years old. My Mom ‘stuck to her guns’ and buried him local, to which I am grateful; she knew we’d need him close and he would’ve chosen same. Shouldn’t that be deciding factor? This is the only reason my husband was cremated; HIS choice, clearly made to me long before his mental breakdown.
    My g’ma also videotaped the funeral; morbid, yes.. I NOW see why.

    Btw: (Your) station has been a Godsend; walking me through many sorrows. HOW do you know exactly WHAT to play and WHEN? Who and when are the only missing links… My journey hasn’t gone well with any of life’s other distractions.