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[ADOPTED] Missy Rose has the fastest tail wagging in the west!

Missy RoseYou can meet the beautiful soul that is Missy Rose in person at Five Acres Animal Shelter in St. Charles, Tuesday through Sunday.

Missy Rose is a beautiful brindle American Pit Bull terrier Mix.  At 8 years old, she is considered a senior but is housetrained, does great with kids, other dogs, and even cats.  Her gentle, sweet nature is unquestionable!  Just one warning: watch for that superfast wagging tail!  She was being cared for by a foster-based rescue group in rural Missouri, but they had been unable to find her a home after many months.  So she was transferred to Five Acres to give her more time and more exposure for her forever family to find her.  A recent potential adoption fell through because of breed specific rules where that family lives, so she is still waiting at Five Acres.  She has been all over St. Louis and St. Charles for special events and field trips with volunteers and hasn’t met a single person she doesn’t like!

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