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[ADOPTED] Lilly was saved from Animal Control, and needs a good home!

This spunky little beauty is “Lily,” an approximately 7 month old mixed breed saved from death row by Hope Rescues.  She was about to be euthanized at St. Louis County Animal Control the day she was saved!!  Thankfully, there are groups like Hope Rescues saving as many dogs and cats from certain death at HIGH KILL SHELTERS like STLCAC and several other surrounding communities.

Lily, like so many other dogs, was in the hands of careless owners that just didn’t bother to teach her puppy manners.  Puppies are like children and need CONSISTENT training and nurturing with positive reinforcement and reward.  That is the key to a puppy growing into a well mannered dog.  Since being rescued by Hope Rescues, Lily has blossomed into a puppy with “great dog” potential.  She has the typical tendency to want to give “love bites” when you put your hands near her mouth, but with simple training technique, is quickly learning her toys and bones are the proper things to gnaw. She would do great in a home that presently has an “alpha dog” who will naturally teach her necessary dog boundaries and allow her to become properly socialized.


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